Train (now arriving at platform 1)

Some more rolling stock:

An armoured train.

Coach, and high sided truck.

Flat bed trucks with varying height side pieces.

A flat bed truck would often be put in front of the train so that any sabotage/explosives would destroy it, rather than the main locomotive. The flat beds with higher sides would be used for supplies, horses and troops.


In the RCW/BoB genre, armoured trains feature a fair amount in the bibliography but rarely on the table. Years ago, I bought the Brigade Games rolling stock (not all of it!) and now I am hosting big BoB games, wanted to roll it out.

So here’s the juicy Armoured train. All 12 inches of it (oo-er).

The resin features such as the rungs were fragile, one broke off when I picked it up.
So taking it to Byakhee Richard’s pining service, a lot was replaced with brass rod.

The three turrets, all armed with artillery guns and HMGs were all magnetised. The wheel bogies also got some attention to cope with some modest curves in the track.

The photos show it on the little S Gauge track I have acquired.

If I thought that wargames suppliers were retrograde in terms of commercial service, then my eyes have been opened by the sheer unwillingness of railway model suppliers to have decent websites, decent catalogues and their sheer unwillingness to actually respond to e-mails and telephone calls in order to sell their wares.

More rolling stock to follow, plus my own painting efforts.

RCW/BoB: Anarchists and Armoured Trains

Ordered from Brigade Games, amongst the pack that arrived today:

During WW1, the RCW, WW2 and even later up til the 1990’s armoured trains were used by the Russians and to lesser extents the Germans, Austro-Hungarians, Czechs, Poles and Chinese.

As you can see from the ruler, it’s over 12′ long and dwarfs the two figures that also arrived. By the time I’ve added the locomotive behind it along with some carriages and flat beds, plus a flat bed in front and maybe more armoured units it’ll only ever get used in a Big Game where we can have boards 10′ plus to cope with the size of this beast.

Strelnikov is a thinly disguised Trotsky character, cavorting around on a heavily armoured train. In the RCW Trotsky had his own luxurious train and a personal body guard which purportedly were kitted out in red leather uniforms (see the Osprey book). Another colourful unit that could be deployed along with this marvellous item. Interesting to note the Sailors watching him go by, the Russian Sailors were pretty much pro-Bolshevik until 1921, and provided a good cadre of troops trained in the use of HMGs and artillery, much like you’d need on armoured trains.

I’m also figuring out a way to get some of this kit deployed for the AVBCW, probably involving the Royal Train and secret railway tunnels under the Malverns…

The two figures are Nestor Mahkno

and Fyodor Shuss) who were the leaders of the (anarchist) Black Guards in the Ukraine during the RCW.

Plus they had some groovy black banners…

Hmm, I can imagine they’re going to get painted/built sometime soon…seeing as Makhno fought the Germans, Austrians, Ukrainians, Whites and Reds.