Building a Stairway to Heaven

Another item in pieces that the move unearthed and has propelled me to complete. The third arcane fulcrum for the WHFB supplement Storm of Magic, the Eternity Stair.

Now OOP, and for good reason, its a lovely piece of scenery but does require a lot of work to build.

The two parts of the understaffs fit together fine, but the stairs on top did not – not by a long way as can be seen.

This was resolved with a bucket of near boiling water, and some muscle power to bend the plastic stair piece into shape.

Once bent into shape, the stairway was glued down with my usual mix of generic and super glue, and then held in place for 48 hours with rubber bands wound tightly round the edifice.

Once set, the entire piece had to be green-stuffed to fill ion the remaining gaps, which took about 30 minutes !

the piece was then undefeated black, and painted using my usual colours.

I had thought about the understaffs figures being slate grey, but decided to make it more “magical” I’d paint it a ghostly blue, which IMHO has turned out well. Took 5 layers of successive dry brushing but never mind.

This has also set a template for some of my ethereal undead I have planned.

Like the spiral staircase, the stairway has room for a few figures mid flight on it.

Now all I need is some treasure to put at the top…

WHFB: Arcane Fulcrum

Byakhee Jim and I had our first game using the WHFB supplement Storm of Magic on Monday – battle report to follow shortly.

In preparation, I had to get four arcane fulcrums ready, now I have enough scenery to do three, but had to locate and complete one of the actual GW models that was located in the geological strata of the Playroom floor:

I got all the GW plastic kits when the produced them for Storm of Magic. This was the easiest to put together.

Some of the others when I tried fitting them together showed a lot of gaps/warpage and will need a lot of filling and greenstuff. I’ll get round to them eventually as they are very nice models.

Continuing on from the discussion of my “figure equivalent” discussion, this is a 5 point item, due to its size and complexity.

All those flipping Skulz…