AVBCW: A Royal Mitre Exchange 2

Soon the first exchanges of fire started, except strangely on Table 2….

The BUF moved their French tankette towards the level crossing towards the Anglican League, but the driver or machine seemed strangely inept and kept stalling. This obviously inhibited the advance of the Nice South African Royalists.

A BUF unit did manage to cross a hedge on the second go, and then stood around a lot not doing much before eventually sidling along the hedge at the bottom of the embankment towards the railway crossing.

NB: We were using some rules modifications to test for entire units crossing obstacles not model by model as this tends to slow down play in large games like this.

On Table 3, the BUF were not hanging around.

Captain Arrowsmith’s motorised cavalry column stormed up the road towards Sir Gilbert and the Anglican League. He had got all but his cavalry in soft skin transport. He was flanked by Captain Arnett who deployed a field gun to ensure that the AL and Sir Gilbert’s gangsters brave LDV could not get past the BUF.

Sir Gilbert and co ready themselves !

On Table 1

The Royalists fail to break through, and turn tail before the Red Menace.

Phuttt, Fizzle !!!!!

On Table 2, lots of strange roadside items were laid out, barrels, a strangely large number of Post Office Boxes, and unmarked vans. Just as the Nice South Africans passed a barrel, there was a strange sound, and it was revealed to be a roadside bomb !

All the present factions (BUF, AL, Royalist) immediately sought to find and destroy any other such cowardly and wretched items, targeting the suspicious post boxes, vans and so on. It was soon revealed many of these items were indeed similar booby traps and were swiftly dealt with. Strangely, the post boxes seemed to be genuine, so a few letters managed to get damaged with anti tank rifle rounds. Now who had carried out this act of indiscriminate destruction ?

Back on Table 3

The BUF de-train…

And promptly shoot up the (corrupt) local Police that were obviously acting in collusion with Sir Gilberts gangsters LDV. Captain Arrowsmith had at least resisted temptation to shoot up/bomb/burn the buildings he’d passed, but the Policemen were a provocation too far.

Sir Gilbert and the AL responded in kind, shelling and mortaring the closely packed BUF infantry that came off the worse for the wear, losing a third of the infantry in one turn.

On Table 2, the terrorists who had planted the IEDs revealed themselves from their hiding spots, two units of the Red Menace – Socialists – pounced on the hapless AL troops and opened fire at close range causing chaos and confusion ! One unit ran away (aided by a chance card)

The BUF under Major Campbell pounced (ponced?) in a lugubrious fashion with their French tin can finally getting into gear, and getting out of the way of the Nice South Africans. Just then a fog descended reducing shooting ranges and allowing the BUF through the gap…

AVBCW: A Royal Mitre Exchange 1

Fourteen gamers, three tables, and a shed load of troops. Yes, JP & I staged another Big Game following on from the Battle of Foy.

We had set up Table 1 (last post), we set up Table 2 on the day once Roo had delivered the wholly unexpected railway embankment sections which proved a real psychological barrier. Yours truely had to stand in for Roo in the morning due to Roo’s daughter’s Willy Wonka party so for once I actually got to “play”.

Table 3 was set up late as well once Byakhee Richard arrived with his gaming mat, and was set up as generic Herefordian countryside albeit with a defensive line for Sir Gilbert and the Anglican League.

Three tables all 8×6′. The hall just about had enough room, and tables to cope with this.

Leadboy, one of our newcomers set up on Table 2. At first no one twigged about the numerous post boxes, unmarked vans and bafrrellas littering the table, but it soon became apparent the dastardly Socilaists were planning to wreck the planned hand over of the captive Bishop of Hereford to the Anglican League. As you can see in the photo, the unmarked blue van was dangerously close to his forces and took a lot of effort to eradicate !

Mort’s Anglicans were well dug in.

The BUF under Baron Foy delpoy along with their Royalist allies.

All on Table 2.

Whilst on Table 1, the Royalist column moves in to deliver the Bishop as part of the deal.

On Table 3, the BUF deploy and move in to deliver Sir Gilberts a stern warning !

To be Continued…..

AVBCW: Rescue Mission, or BUF in a Barn

Following on from our last game, Byakhee JP & I had another game using Brink of Battle. The BUF had been trapped defending a barn somewhere in Herefordshire, and ended up being captured by the Anglican League troops. I recreated from memory the scenery, and deployed 500 points worth of troops to act as their captors, whilst JP deployed 500 points of Blackshorts to rescue their colleagues.

My awesome forces of 7 men deployed around the barn in the centre of the table.

  • One commander, with SMG
  • One NCO, with grenades
  • One NCO with upgraded stats
  • Four troopers with rifles.

We decided that the squad of BUF prisoners in the barn would not provide any input into the game in terms of combat.

The Blackshorts advanced/pranced across the fields, avoiding nettles, thistles and other weeds known to scupper their plans.

Though the Blackshorts drew first blood shooting one of my BRAVE Anglican League, my REWENGEE was swift as I downed two of his dodgy troopers in short order in an exchange of gun fire over the hedgeline.

I moved a couple of troopers up on mt left to counter their advance.

Which resulted in another exchange of fire – again I came off better shooting his bald pated leader and two other troops. By the end his final two troops fled. My trooper who shot his leader promptly got shot by another black short minion.

The captured BUF squad in the barn were then subjected to a sermon outlining the errors of their ways and made to sing a hymn or two before being released back into the community.

Things we noted:

  • JP had appalling dice rolls, all at the wrong time
  • Though he did get “The Edge” more than me, which did not prove decisive in this game…
  • As we had so few troops we simply assigned action chits, in larger games with more troops you should do the IGOUGO option.
  • We didn’t get the Concealment vs Cover rules right
  • Rural Hereford provides a lot of hedges tyo hide behind, something JP had been checking
  • The hedges are substantial and apart from armoured vehicles impassable.

We just about remembered the rules and they are very innovative skirmish rules.

We then had a second unconnected game…