Train (missing)

A musical interlude:

The second encore from the Albert Hall gig by the Sisters of Mercy in 1985:

Why isn’t the last encore included on ‘Wake’, the film of the Royal Albert Hall concert in 1985?

By the time we hit the stage for the last encore, some of the necessary machines had been switched off.
Various film technicians had decided that we’d finished. Andrew had been performing with a couple of cracked ribs, and he had indeed decided to finish, but Lemmy was in the dressing room to convince him that another encore was in order. After a short discussion and a multilateral assessment of all the available pharmaceuticals, the band hit the stage again – but too speedily for the aforementioned technicians.

There was some audio-visual material from the last encore, but Polygram “lost it” shortly after the film was edited and released.

Now all I have to do is work out where my Train is going for the BoB scenario on the 31st !