Back to the Beginning

Once upon a time, not so long ago…

One hot summer I was given some Airfix 8th Army 1/32nd soldiers, by my Grandfather.

Now living in deepest darkest Dorset, and following my interest in the figures, I was taken to Bovington Tank Museum where I then bought some Afrika Korps (pronounced Africa Corpse).

Since then I haven’t looked back

The Airfix range was iconic, and their multipose figures haven’t really been reproduced. At the same time Britains produced their Deetail range of figures that were sold singly.And my God parents bought me some of the vehicles from that range.

So, all these are residing somewhere in my parents’ loft, but a quick perusal of the Airfix site showed that they are re-producing a lot of these old kits…

A quick query on the Steve Dean Forum, and it sounds like the new Aifix can be painted straight with acrylics as they have re-released their figures in harder plastic this might be better as I know the soft plastics shed paint like fun.

I have done a quick binge on evil-bay for some of the Britains Deetail figures for the same reason as above, and plan to remove the metal bases, strip them and re-paint them.

All the infantry will go on the large round plastic bases from Renedra.

I’ve even managed to pick up some of the OOP multipose kits Airfix did (and that I mutilated as a 9 year old). This should give me quite a range of figures for a squad/platton game/collection/evidence in the medical records for certifiable madness.

I’ll build one set as the vanilla figures, then a slight variation set, and then go mad with the third set I have. 😉