Laserburn: Grunts & Grenades

Yesterday, Byakhees Anthony & Rich came round for a game of Laserburn. Due to various mishaps, mis-adventures and other cunning plans, we didn’t really get started until 1pm, but we played a long game in to the night (well 10pm actually !) with a hiatus for a curry takeout.

We planned for a game of 5,000 points each. So this would be a big game for us. We set the table up, finally using many of my scenery pieces of been painting.

I was quote pleased with the way the table turned out, it does seem to be integrated, and the use of bright colours offsets the dark granite brown (no its not black) base colour.

We had a scenario pitting the three of us against each other, with Imperial Droids (these are not the droids you’re looking for) turning up to deal with our heavily armed gangs. The rules for the Imperial Droids dictated they move towards the people firing weapons.
Anthony & Rich’s gangs clashed first:

Anthony in particular, had tooled up his cannon fodder with grenades which are particularly potent in Laserburn. Rich had at the last moment picked up on this and added in some grenades. Guess what…I’ll do the same next time !

Which lead to a rapid escalation of fighting between them.

A lucky shot from Anthony’s grenade launcher also managed to seriously wound my gang’s leader.
Then, the Imperial Droids turned up…right behind my gang, so I had to be very quiet lest they start shooting me !

Anthony’s gang also advanced toward me from behind the hill.

And so we mixed it up, with Imperial Droids acting as cover between us, well I used them as cover !

Meanwhile, Rich’s forces moved through the buildings to get at Anthony’s gang.

They finally blew each other top pieces, and with my gang mostly intact, both of them withdrew from the battle !

We had a good time, and found that:

  • Laserburn needs-rewriting to C21 standards
  • The mechanics are sound
  • Duckback is a REAL pain !
  • We need some marker tokens – Rich provided some temporary bits of paper, but in future we hope to do better!
  • It’s a fun system.

More photos here.

All the figures were mine, mostly original Laserburn (now, Citadel Traveller (now RAFM), and GZG. Scenery by GZG, Critical Mass Games, GW and Ainsty.

Laserburn – New Pages

Well, seeing as Laserburn is a game from c1983, many viewers won’t know much about it. So along with all the other amendments to the menu bar (that’s the bit at the top under the title) I’ve added one for Laserburn to explain what on Earth (or Mars) I am wibbling on about. Laserburn is WH40K’s great granddaddy in terms of its setting, and ideas for h/ware.

In anticipationof playing more games, and explaining why I have a very dichotomous set of colours when painting my Laserburn stuff, I also added the bones of what I have in mind for a Laserburn Campaign.
I supposed I really should do this as Byakhees Gavin H , Rich & I did contribute heavily to:

In particular the Chapter on Campaigns !

More detail will be added to these pages.
Still its a good excuse to watch Firefly, Serenity, BSG, Star Wars and many other sci fi films.

And in the back of my mind, there is also the CoC/Traveller/Laserburn cross over, which was actually done in White Dwarf decades ago that could do with some more exploration. 😉