Laserburn: Scenery

My mate Byakhee JP, made me some terrain pieces for Laserburn and delivered them today whilst we had a conflab about our planned AVBCW Big Game.

A total surprise for me.
And a welcome one. 🙂

He pushed out all the stops.

A broken pin tack.
Some bases I’d given him.
Scavenged pieces from bins at work.
All the high end stuff.


Just as any wargamer would want their scenery pieces made !!!! 😀

Of Plumbing, Brazil and Rolf Harris

Another extremely dull day, but as I am awaiting a new washing machine I can’t do too much. The BoB White Russian Gun is finished along with another mounted standard bearer, the Dark Elf Cold One Knights are almost complete etc….

So when my washing machine broke down I went and bought another one. My expression of extreme excitement in the shop won me a £150 discount and a next day delivery. They even let me know how to find out when it was being delivered. Not that they could find it. I now know how far my land line’s hand sets reaches – down to the end of the drive – whilst looking for the drivers of the delivery van. Their idea that SatNav would find my place failed horribly. As I warned them.

However I rashly said I’d install it myself. Having done up two houses and moved a half dozen times in one year I figured how hard could it be ?

(see the first two minutes)

Which reminded me I hadn’t watched Brazil for a long time. Its a film by Terry Gilliam (one of the Pythons) and is an amalgam of Monty Python, 1984 and a 1950’s Ealing Studios comedy. It includes a cameo by Robert de Nero as Harry Tuttle. An excellent film, and certainly one appropriate for the AVBCW crowd as it uses a lot of 1930’s/1940’s styles.

Having moved into my house 10+ years ago, I had forgotten the mess that was the plumbing and wiring in the utility, if indeed I had ever plumbed in the old washing machine. So I spent an hour upside down trying to work out what was going on and fixing things backwards, and sadly it was not due to drink or drugs. Or was it the fact I was unplumbing things forward the right way round when I was downside up ?

On the upside, getting white goods, is always a bonanza of environmentally unfriendly wrapping, something most model makers can turn into useful stuff, so as Rolf Harris would say:

Can you guess what it is yet ?

The restraining bolts were a nightmare to unlock, but they can be put to good use at least. 😉

Well the first runs of the new machine have been ok, no problems.