A Dull Day, and some Dull updates

After the last few days that were bright but cold, today has been dull and overcast. More painting has been done, so light levels permitting more updates to come in the next few days.

  • AVBCW Medics
  • BoB Artillery
  • WHFB Dark Elf Cold One Knights

Corresponding to the dull weather, a few issues spotted on TMP and the Steve Dean forums, I’ve done a few sad updates to Legal issues and House Rules and indeed the later is a posting turned into a proper page !

Guess – a charity quiz

Well with 10,000 visits and 300+ posts, I’m feeling all philanthropic whilst basking in the unwarranted glow of 15 minutes of fame.

So in today’s postal delivery I got a figure. A rather special figure:

It’s nominally 28mm scale. And from the rear:

So being a jolly soul, post your guess as to what the figure is here on this blog below, first person to get it right and I’ll donate £10 to the charity of your choice.

(NB: Employees of the producing company are not eligible for this quiz)

The winner will:

  • Name the Figure
  • Name the Sculptor
  • Describe its production background
  • And for extra kudos provide a scan of the relevant game book.

Meanwhile, the Sun Has Got His Hat On again, and I need to finish off my White Russian Lancers in Chinese Service and you may get an update later on !

Another feline casualty of a sun beam.

10,000 Sheep on Drugs

Thanks people, 10,000 Visitors in 7 months to this blog.

This is post 303. Is this my 15 Minutes of Fame ?

Oh well, let’s take a ride:

More Gonzoid filth, broken dreams and madness:

Oh well.
More to come.

Incoming, to a lost city near you…

A short hiatus in posts, does not mean I have forgotten this blog. More like, I can’t take any fracking photos in these poor light conditions.

Luckily, there will be a number of updates tonight, tomorrow and the day after.

A frenetic AVBCW game, has resulted in 35+ photos, a Special Guest Superstar DJ entry is forthcoming, a review of the newish rules set “Setting the East Ablaze“, some Terek Cossacks, and maybe more.

A few of the older posts on House Rules, basing and so on will also be turned into proper pages because even I can’t find them easily, and when you have new recruits trying to guide them in the ways of righteousness, it gets difficult.

The Playroom

Luckily I have an entire room to fill with my toy soldiers. It’s about 14×9 foot in size with an additional full size cupboard. Its west south west facing so has good natural light. One room this size should be enough for all but the most fanatical…Only…after 8 years of being unattended by a responsible adult, and the experience of building models that exponentially increase the volume required to store figures…leads to chaos…:-

Its out of control:-

And I can’t even get to the table to paint:

Let alone sit down:

And now we can see the geological layers:

Can I put my great big hoofing feet anywhere ?

Let’s look out the window…

From left to right on the window sill:

  • A Bag of giant parts…a whole Marauder giant in fact.
  • A couple of Old Giants
  • Two TA Orc Wyverns
  • Another Giant
  • Mongol Princess by Copplestone
  • Sloppy Jaloppy Austin Armoured Car
  • Golfags Ogres, the originals…
  • The Great White Mastdaon (don’t ask)
  • Artillery from Copplestone and Brigade Games
  • Plastic GW Giant

Of course a few figures have fallen off due to feline activity…

So my project is to make this room a fit and suitable room for adults, and able to be used for painting and model making.

What’s this ?

Could it be three Dwarf Juggernauts ?

Could be said the mild mannered janitor…


Well, we all know it is only a matter of time before the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

Even the CDC (Centre for Disease Controland if you didn’t know that then you’re not on my team of survivors) know about it and are preparing us:

So whilst we can all get out survival manuals ready, our Bug Out Bags ready (yes, I do have one)…

There’s also the Zombie Hunter’s guide to consider.

We need to remember things about the economics of the whole affair, in particular you need to read this new legal paper: Death, Tax & Zombies.

The U.S. stands on the precipice of a financial disaster, and Congress has done nothing but bicker. Of course, I refer to the coming day when the undead walk the earth, feasting on the living. A zombie apocalypse will create an urgent need for significant government revenues to protect the living, while at the same time rendering a large portion of the taxpaying public dead or undead. The government’s failure to anticipate or plan for this eventuality could cripple its ability to respond effectively, putting us all at risk.

So is it the Zombies, the economy or your fellow survivors you need to fear most ?

After all, in my quest to eat a wide variety of exotic meats, I haven’t eaten Long Pig, yet.

Don’t let me get hungry, not with that flint axe around…

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Just been to the Jubilee party in my village hall/school. Much to my surprise hundreds of people there. Even in the rain.

Even an American president, when he meets the Queen, knows secretly that his status is lower than hers. The Queen has more prestige than anyone else in the world, and she’s ours.

God save the Queen.

So I can freely admit to being a monarchist, freely link to an (allegedly) anti-monarchist punk video, all in one posting. (This is a nuanced posting of my personal political position.)

I wonder how many other heads of state would put up with this ?
How many other heads of state preside over a culture so diverse and creative than this ?

A Thoroughly British Celebration

Well it is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, for which I designed a flyer for oiur village’s party for five parishes. So what does the weather do ?
Rain, and be generally overcast. So no new photos, despite my 15mm Villa coming together.

A (not so) Limited Edition Foundry fantasy figure.

My cunning plan of having lots of painted figures and scenery ready has been upset by not having the photographed figures and scenery ready for this blog roll.

So Plan B kicks into action tomorrow.


Buster & His new Friend

I have cats as pets. I often get asked why I do not have a cat flap fitted to the back door.

The following photos explain why – Basically, my cats bring home their new friends, whose batteries run down quite quickly. But may get lost under the sofa/bookcase/bed/whatever…

And when you have a stoat brought home for your b’day, it gets a bit annoying.
(No, I don’t have a photo of Mr Stoat, I was more concerned with ejecting him than getting a photo whilst he ripped my toes off with his sharp teeth!)

More photos.

NB: Buster was my late wife and I’s cat, who had to be put down last year due to heart problems. His brother is with my parents and I have to look after him on Beastwatch, more of which later….

Known Byakhees

A byakhee is a winged “thing” standing over seven feet in height. It is often described as bat-like. The byakhee has two legs, two clawed arms and a broad set of bat-like wings. It is dark in color and covered in fur. Byakhee exist to serve Hastur.

Known Byakhees include:

Gav A
Gav H
Stuart P
Tom V.

You’ll be reading about their/our misadventures…