Register to Vote NOW

For those of in the UK, you now have until midnight tonight to register to vote.

Having just sold my house and gone into temporary accommodation with my parents I’ve had to do this, BUT it takes all of 5 minutes.

Click here to register to VOTE

Don’t leave it to the last minute as the website will probably be overwhelmed.

Five minutes of your time, is small change compared to the efforts of millions over the years to gain and extend the voting franchise in this country. Don’t let them down.

Hersey Miniatures 25% Sale

Yes, one of the best small independent sculptors and manufacturers is having a sale. If you want odd thing like Halfling Witch Hunters then this is the place and time to go:

OUR BIGGEST EVER SALE IS NOW ON! This is because Andy is on his own these days and needs to finish sculpting the last few Kickstarter figures. The only way to get that done is to stop shipping the regular orders for the next couple of weeks, so to compensate for that, we are offering our biggest Sale ever – up to 25% off metal figures and even up to 10% off some of the resin ones, too! Offers will end midnight 29th July UK Time, and orders will begin to ship in the week of the 1st of August.

Heresy Miniatures

I have my eye on the not Bappuss, “Pussbag” as a familiar for my wizards. 😉

For those not aware of Bagpuss, its a 1970’s children’s programme, and its my favourite.

Bagpuss is a magical cat. When he wakes up, all his friends come to life. He can also make his thoughts visible in bubbles above his head.
Despite this, he doesn’t play a major part in most of the stories, instead being content to lie on his rug and listen to the songs the others sing as they identify and repair the thing.

All in all, he’s just an old, saggy cloth cat.
Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.
But Emily loved him.

Hereford Wargames Club

In the course of running our Big Games, JP & I have been contacted by several local gamers based in and around Hereford (UK).

So rather than rely on haphazard and sporadic e-mails, we offered our blogging skills to get a site up and running.

So we did, or rather JP did nearly all of it.

Here it is !

Attack of the Potato

As a wargaming enthusiast I am regularly weidling knives, saws and other blades, doing DIY in the house and garden I have even bigger and more powerful tools (power drills !), but what should I suffer my worst injury to date from ?

Kartoffelkopf !
Yes, I managed to injure myself peeling potatoes last night.

I thought I’d gouged a bit out of the tip of my finger off and jury rigged a dressing to stop it bleeding, which worked sort of 6-10pm. At first I couldn’t get an appointment with a Nurse, so went to the Pharmasist who replaced the dressing (gauze) with a melonin dressing. I then went to the Co-Op to pick some food up, and promptly bled all over the checkout, and my purchases. Back home, and now bleeding profusely I arranged an immediate appointment with the Nurses. On examination they concluded I’d not just cut/gouged my finger, I’d actually sliced part of my finger tip off.

So after years of playinge with craft knives, I’ve done more damage to myself with a potato peeler ! 😦

Which is really annoying as I’d just got back my blogging mojo. These two items are near completion. A fancy fountain/well (resin unknown manufacturer); and a finger post (!) from the old GW Empire Farmhouse set IIRC.

In the background is one of two Mordheim ruins that are awaiting renovation.

Typical !

Science Studies

An amusing take on how the media, and climate change deniers credulously accept the headlines.

Flippin’ Stand by

For the Big Games in the hall, I have to charge participants £10 per person in order to cover the hire of the village hall and the buffet lunch. As people inevitably drop out, I have to pad the budget so I’m not left out of pocket. Usually the excess money goes to charity (eg Help for Heroes) and we’ve raised about £90.


For the last year I’ve squirrelled away some of the money, especially from events that have been close to not breaking even. Having a need to get a flip chart stand for the Parish Ccouncil, I got quotes a few weeks back for a stand and pad, and realised I had enough money to buy both stand and A1 pad for our wargames events from the money I’d had left over.

Why ?

Because quite often no-one knows what the hell is going on, what table they’re playing on and so on. So a nice big pad telling them what to do seems a good idea. Plus we can use it for sundry other purposes.

Best thing of all, when I bought the pad at £15.99 I thought it was expensive…but when I collected it, the box actually contained 5 pads of paper. Bargain !

The stand immediately saw action, not for gaming, but to help the Parish Council have two flip charts for our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) / Annual Parish Meeting, so we could have two separate lists on two separate stands for “Ideas” and more importanly “Volunteers”. So I chaired the meeting, had over 70 people turn up, and had to shoe them out after over 2 hours so we could tidy the village hall up. There were a lot of names and suggestions (some even workable), so the stands were a good idea, and we as wargamers now have some useful tools to make all of our days go better. 🙂

AVBCW Hereford Spring 2016 Big Game

Byakhees JP, Roo & I are by popular request planning a Big Game session for Spring 2016.
Proposed dates are:

March 5th,
April 2nd
April 9th.

Please can you let us know which date(s) you prefer.
We will e-mail directly the usual suspects shortly.

Cost £10 per head, including buffet lunch.

The usual mayhem will commence in Burley Gate Village Hall c10am and continue through to c5pm.
After game curry at my house as usual.

I can accommodate 2 people in relative comfort, thereafter, lounge sofas and floors are the order of the day.

Scenarios and briefings are in hand and will be issued as usual before the games commence.