Awake Ye Scarey Great Old Ones

Awake ye scary great Old Ones
Let everything dismay!
Remember great Cthulhu shall rise up from R’yleh
To kill us all with tentacles if we should go his way!

O’ tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe,
O’ tidings of madness and woe! (and great woe)

In Yuggoth and dim Aldebaran the great Old Ones were spawned
Imprisoned by the Elder Gods to wait for long eons!
Enticing humans to release them,
Chanting dreadful songs!

O’ tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe,
O’ tidings of madness and woe! (and great woe)

An Arab said “That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange eons you will find that even death may die”!
The great Old Ones will rule once more
Then all will be destroyed!

O’ tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe,
O’ tidings of madness and woe! (and great woe)

The March Violets – Videos of B’ham 2012

Here’s the videos of The March Violets’ gig I went to earlier this year.

Yesterday’s time spent fiddling around with the website has brought a lot of new options. So it wasn’t just a self indulgent techno wank session.

Now here are the tracks:


Crow Baby:

Grooving in Green:

Tokyo Flow:

1 2 I love you:

Walk into the Sun:

The encore:

The Road of Bones:

Snake Dance

Missing tracks are:

  • We Are All Gods
  • Billion 3
  • Dandelion King (aborted)
  • Made Glorious

I’m on the hunt for these. If you have the videos of these please contact me. I’d like the full set, just for my own personal enjoyment.

The sound quality is not great but these are youtube videos, and they were filmed right up close, often next to the sound system stacks. As such there is a fair amount of feedback and distortion of the sound ! I always place myself centre to the stage a fair way back to get the back sound experience I can.

I’m surprised there are not more live bootlegs of The March Violets given their obvious and direct links to The Sisters of Mercy who were described as the most bootlegged band of the 1980’s !

Music to paint to, The Clangers & Azathoth

My earlier posting on Painting Tables, noted that both Rich & I have radios/iPods on the table. It’s also a fairly common topic that crops on the Steve Dean Forum as well (as does posting pictures of paint desks).

I often find if I’m not listening to music, or the radio, then my focus drifts and I end up staring blankly at the pile of lead/plastic/resin in front of me. On the other hand, if I put on the wrong music I get distracted by the music. So it has to be the right type of music.

So far my favourites for listening whilst painting are:

  • Skinny Puppy, especially the Brap sessions CD
  • Killing Joke, the re-mixes on the various Pandeamonium era singles especially Millenium
  • Fields of the Nephilim, the really long remixes like Sumerland (Dreamed version)
  • The Sisters of Mercy, again all the really long remixes like Lucretia that weighs in at 9.51
  • Barry Adamson, his earlier stuff which is like a sound track to a film noir/gangster film
  • Alien Sex Fiend, especially Nocturnal Emissions
  • Portishead, again singles remixes
  • Terminal Power Company
  • New Order, remixes
  • The Sisterhood
  • Anything by James Ray, though in particular Hubris (25 Men), the album that wasn’t released and won’t be in that version

Hmm, there’s a pattern there – lots of stuff to zone out to whilst still receiving aural stimulus (that’s aural not oral, stop sniggering at the back !).

Rich commented:

Listening while painting…

The radio is mainly for sport. Sport commentary, sport news, sport opinion, sport speculation, sport quizzes. Almost any sport (except rugby, obviously!). You could argue that sport is best spectated via TV, but then I’d never get anything else done. I managed to only watch about 15 minutes of the Olympics on TV but listened to 5 or 6 hours a day, which is a lot of modelling / painting / messing about on the web time saved.

For music, I have my PC adjacent to my painting table, which, apart from being a gateway to the dastardly distractions of tinterweb (like this blog, for example), is also home of my music. I don’t have specific favourites for painting, but instrumental or mellower sounds are good if you are trying to concentrate… for example…

And So I Watch You From Afar
Explosions in the Sky

or older / less obscure…

The Orb

So again, something to stimulate the brain but not enough to distract from the painting at hand.

Now, when I got back from Colours I commented: best of all I came home to a new CD of music….more of which later… it was in fact a CD of The CLangers music:

The Clangers was a 1970’s children’s TV programme made by Oliver Firmin with music by Vernon Elliot. I’d bought it because one of my cats, Black Jack, whilst always very chattery, has now been doing very good impressions of The Soup Dragon (@5.30), burbling and chattering away to himself (he is my alarm cat and gets me up every morning by doing this outside my bedroom door). So I thought I’d get this CD so I could listen to it whilst painting.

But what’s this ? The Music of the Spheres, the last piece of music on the last episode…a thought emerged in my brain cell, and after some research my hunch was confirmed. The Clangers, are actually connected to Azathoth !

Price sees another inspiration for Azathoth in Lord Dunsany’s Mana-Yood-Sushai, from The Gods of Pegana, a creator deity “who made the gods and thereafter rested.” In Dunsany’s conception, MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI sleeps eternally, lulled by the music of a lesser deity [Skarl] who must drum forever, “for if he cease for an instant then MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI will start awake, and there will be worlds nor gods no more.” This oblivious creator god accompanied by supernatural musicians is a clear prototype for Azathoth, Price argues.

and Dunsany goes on to comment:

Some say that the worlds and the Suns are but the echoes of the drumming of Skarl

The Music of the Spheres, is clearly, unequivocally linked to this:

The Music of the Spheres incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or ‘tones’ of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds … Pythagoras proposed that the Sun, Moon and planets all emit their own unique hum (orbital resonance) based on their orbital revolution

So there you have it, not only is the sound track to the Clangers suitable for painting to, but helps keep Azathoth at bay by the repeated musical ability of The Clangers !

Painting tables

One reason for the tidy up of the Playroom (Mancave) was to enable me to use the painting table again. The other was to take some photos for my paint desk and add some commentary. I’ve seen Rich’s painting table, and Stuart has also provided a picture of his table. What struck me was the similarity of all these tables – not immediately obvious but the structure was common in all of them.

So there’s mine. A table bought from the Army & Navy store second hand – a fine place to buy military and civil service cast offs in the 1980’s and 1990’s. £15 for a 5×3 table ( I think it’s more like 5’6″ by 3’6″). Ideal for a university student to plonk his text books, notes and awesome Amstrad computer on. Served me well during uni, and has since served me well as a painting desk. Two drawers to either side for stationary and other gubbins.

I’m right handed. The paint jars are to the right, one for paint, one for metallics (something Rich suggested), one for glue/PVA, and one for enamels. The first two are mixed with Revel Painta Clean. nasty stuff, it’ll melt anything, which means you can’t and shouldn’t leave your brushes in there which is why there are two sets of kitchen roll, one to soak up excess water/cleaner, to act as a sponge for when you want to to dry brushing, and a second to place your brush(s) on when you’re finished with that one.

Also to the right, is:

  • the PVA, putty and base flock
  • the bottle of brushes
  • the bottle of knives, saws and other common tools

All contained in hot chocolate tubs for some reason – my late wife and various ex’s have all enjoyed hot chocolate so the containers have been put to good use.

Also to the right are the iPod and Bose sound system, plus phone. Music, of which I will talk about later, is always good when painting, and having the phone in the playroom means I don’t miss many calls (yes I have an answer phone).

Slap bang in front of me in the middle of the table…

  • broadsheet newspaper, to soak up the mess
  • cutting mat
  • stacks of paint bottles

I bought some racks for the paints, I got bored of rifling through lots of pots of paints all with white or black tops. They are very good for organising your paints so you can see them. As you can see I use mainly Foundry paints, the triads so want to have them co-located, I also use GW/Citadel and others.

Both sides of the desk have an angle poise lamp fitted with a daylight bulb, and the main room light bulb is also a daylight bulb. You can pick these up from DIY stores, but so far I’ve only found them at 60W. Which makes for a dim room late at night. They are useful to ensure you have proper daylight for painting at night, as ordinary bulbs radiate a yellowish light so the colours are no represented well. As a result, trying to paint anything other than base colours results in tragedy.

To the left is another organiser, with my various glues, flocks, grasses and other trivia. Kitchen towel (a real necessity to clean up paint, glue and cat vomit) and box of tissues complete the table.

Here’s Stuart’s paint desk:

Very similar. As a right handed chap, again we have the mixing tablet to the right, brushes mostly to the right, unusually water jar in the middle. But again a cutting mat in the middle, paints in drawers left and right, and yes, an angle poise lamp to illuminate everything.

Here’s Rich’s paint desk:

Or rather the right hand side, yup, another right handed chap ! Brushes tools and gear to the right so he can pick them up. Paints, stacked in the same style I do. And a radio.

To the left, / centre again cutting mat, trays, flock and scatter foliage. Not visible is (wait for it) the angle poise lamp. Again a profusion of random containers for flocks, glues and paints.

What struck me most about all three desks, was the similarity of layout. None of us have ever sat down around a table and ‘designed’ our ultimate painting desk, yet all three of us have come upm with the same layout. Whilst Rich and I are geographically close, Stuart is not. So this can’t be achieved by looking over each other’s shoulders. It can only be down to efficiency. There’s a certain list of tools and supplies, but not how you lay them out.

Now there’s also something that I’ve noted. Rich and I both have radios/stereos next to their paint stations. What do we play ?

Being Sociable (Edited)

Today was nearly 12 hours of 4 of us together playing with our little toy soldiers. We also had a guest dog, which greatly upset my three cats, but also helped see off Timmy the EVIL ginger tom cat.

We even had a BBQ so we were out doors for a good hour soaking in the fresh air and the views from my garden.

That’s part of the joy of wargaming – being sociable you have to be in the same room together. You have to be talkative, witty, paying attention, and dare I say it hygienic ? Yes we play with our toy soldiers, but we’re also chatting about the rest of our lives and other people we all know. We share tips about the gaming hobby, how we assembled/painted our figures, what we have planned next for our armies and so on.

Much better than spending 12 hours trapped in a room on your own playing a computer game that you can ‘game’ and never speak to a real person.

Sure we all use e-mail, and in my case blog about our games, but at the end of the day, it is the creative and social impulses that drive me and others to do wargaming where we field real miniatures, in the same room and share our lives together in a social manner.

Write up of the game tomorrow !

We’ve planned the next game session next w/e.

We are not victims, we are in control of our lives.

AGW Deniers – Pretty Vacant

It’s the same time and again, when directly challenged for their Evidence(TM) that the science cited (or not) is wrong, when asked for their own scientific peer reviewed papers for Evidence(TM) to support their own suspect dodgy assertions AGW Deniers sink in to a predictable pattern of behaviour:

  • slink off onto the next CiF thread to avoid answering,
  • post links to blog rolls that don’t actually answer or support their assertions
  • change the goal posts, often asking off topic questions to distract the average viewer
  • become passive aggressive
  • become victim bullies (victim bullies use accusations as weapons, and ramp up the accusations over time) – the scientists are lying- its a big scam for our taxes – its all a plot for world government – Al Gore is fat…
  • or wait a few hours before returning hoping that we collectively have short term memories.

For example, fossil fuel agent 00TT posted an assertion on one CiF thread, but when asked for their Evidence(TM), went AWOL but was able to post on another CiF Environment thread, thus avoiding the issue that their assertions were suspect.

There’s no point in asking
You’ll get no reply
Oh just remember a don’t decide
I got no reason it’s all too much
You’ll always find us out to lunch

Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty we’re vacant
Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty
A vacant

Don’t ask us to attend
‘cos we’re not all there
Oh don’t pretend ‘cos i don’t care
I don’t believe illusions
‘cos too much is real
So stop your cheap comment
‘cos we know what we feel

Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty we’re vacant
Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty we’re vacant
Ah but now and we don’t care

There’s no point in asking
You’ll get no reply
Oh just remember a don’t decide
I got no reason it’s all too much
You’ll always find me out to lunch
We’re out on lunch

Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty we’re vacant
Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty we’re vacant
Oh we’re so pretty
Oh so pretty ah
But now and we don’t care
We’re pretty
A pretty vacant
We’re pretty
A pretty vacant
We’re pretty
A pretty vacant
We’re pretty
A pretty vacant

The March Violets: Well it’s a little punk thing

Wandering around unattended by any responsible adult (Byakhee, cultists or deity), I encountered an older Liverpudlian in a yellow “Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks” t-shirt pushing a young child in a baby buggy, who exclaimed:

Blo**dy Hell, I never thought I’d see someone wearing a March Violets t-shirt in ****ing Brom****

Give them doubt and sell them fear.
Well it’s a little punk thing,
Back of my brain,
Keeping me sane.

Made my day.


One Hundred and Eleventy One !


Wow that came round quick. My eleventy one-th posting !

Let’s go
…let’s go
……let’s go INSANE…

Here’s something my mate Mort found:

Loads more here.

As this is a bit of a mish mash of links…

And here’s JP’s take on our game on Friday.

A Big Bang for your Buck (my Dwarf artillery park):

Now FUCK OFF and do something CREATIVE:

The March Violets – Live B’ham 8th June 2012 – Do you like Play Lists ?

Hell I was only there:

Lifted from Facebook @ The Radiant Lodge. 😉

The March Violets – Live B’ham 8th June 2012 – Do you like pictures ?

Here’s some pictures that John took of the gig.

Photos aren’t brilliant (I was using an old mobile phone)

Left to Right: Tom Ashton (Guitar and feedback); Rosie (Vocals and provocative sarcasm); Si (Vocals, nursing and heckling); Jo (Bass and violin):

The Crow comment was in reference to (a) Crow Baby, and (b) the fact that Si plucked a crow’s feather for his hat.

I even had to join Facebook to compliment them.

And joining Facebook was hell. So don’t look for me there anytime soon.