Amazon with Light Sabre

Collected some repairs and conversions today, amongst which was…

A C30 Amazon with Light Sabre.

As you can see from the one on the right, the original club/blowpipe (opinion is divided) is subject to damage given the age of the figures and the softer metal used back then.

The light sabre is a repair – brass rod with hollow red plastic sleeve.

I am very tempted to keep it like that as a “Power Sword” which as some may remember was an option in WHFB’s (2nd Edition) huge table of magic weapons.

It’ll be all WIGHT on the night

After a diversion of a new TV/DVD set unto install I finalised some very old miniatures I had.

Three Citadel LOTR Barrow Wights, as featured in WD 86.

Here’s the cover, long before GW hi-jacked the magazine.

And here’s a relevant picture from P45 – “Open House” edited by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk. The picture is of the eponymous Barrow Wights, as painted for a diorama by Bill Sprint.

This is where I got the inspiration for my colour scheme, updated using Foundry and GW washes.

Here are three more C18 Night Horrors Wights.

A full compliment of six Wights for Mordheim and Frostgrave.