Byakhee Anthony came round yesterday and we went through a pile of stuff he had left in my garage. After removing the live spiders, he took home a load of goodies he’d forgotten about and left a few decisions for after the Xmas period. This also prompted me to go on a hunt in the Playroom for some of my left over bitz (steady).

Instead, I found this, a box with a box inside of bitz and other odds and ends.

Well, only containing ~30 WW1 Russian Musketeer figures I’d “lost” for the last couple of years !

And a female GW Vampire that I can’t find in any of the catalogues (are GW all Vampires, answers on a postcard ???!!!).

Along with various hairy head, skaven, Ogre, undead spures and a load of flying stands.

My current w/e goal is to get all of this softed and handed out to the flock of Byakhees and to flog the rest.

And in the meantime, the Garden of Morr continues to be painted, albeit using a prodigious amount of brown wash !

Some new items For Sale

Having sold some Orcs this month I now need to shift some more, so the For Sale page has been updated.

One of the local buzzards popped in yesterday, using the gate post, which is right outside my study window (sad it flew off before I could photo it), and today using the garden fence at the back, which I did manage to photo !

More sales of Orcs and Ogres in the next week, pre-slotta to modern plastics.

For Sale

New page added to cover some of the stuff I have For Sale.

Does what it says on the tin !

First up late WW1 Germans.