Lockdown Foamboard Fun (2)

So, the foambaord carcass of the building is made, now for some good hard planking.

Balsa wood for the exterior beams, a bit thicker than I normally use, but given the lock down all I have.

Use the general architecture to guide you as to where the beams would go.

I also shape them slightly by shaving off random bits along the edges to make it look a bit more natural.

Now for the interior. The wooden planks for the first and second floors.

I often measure out the lengths and then snap them off of the main length of balsa so In end up with frayed wooden pieces which look much more natural than sawn off pieces.

I also try and ensure I have some shorter floorboards to make it look more natural (top right).

Again I shave off some off the straight edges which will be picked up when I paint the edifice.

Next up, watching paint dry !

Wow bet you’re excited.

NB: This is being done real time, so it does take a few days to do…

One Response to Lockdown Foamboard Fun (2)

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Great to see this as it happens. I know how all this works in theory, but I’ve never got the scenery bug (or had space to use / store it, really) so I’ve never actually done it

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