Lockdown MDF (1)

So I’;ve been finishing off some Arcan Obelisks by Blotz that I got before, during and after Xmas, obviously designed for one of the Sell Sword scenarios in the Frostgrave Folio.

This is the simple MDF carcass, and plain version. Easy to put together, though there is a knack with getting the sides on – get the top lug in first and then the lower one is easy.

These are the ones completed, painted with textured masonry paint, and then coloured.

Nice and simple, and cheap.

These are the more arcane ones, painted in metallic colours, I gave them a brief wash to pick out the details. I now have enough for two tables for the same scenario.

The last three Chronochounds, painted with Foundry North American flesh, GW Druchii violet wash.

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