FG: Genie in the Bottle

Next up a fun scenario.

One of the treasures is a Genie, a very cross one.

With the rubbish winter light levels, I still had not got around to painting my figures – something Alan also found inhibiting his painting.

So my ladies raced forward for the treasure, and immediately found the Genie, being a demon it could not be harmed by non magical weapons…eek ! I only had one magical weapon in the war band – the Captain’s and she was some way a way from the Archer, Apothercary and Old Mother Parma.

The Archer held off the Genie, unable to harm it, she did at least defat it in combat, pushed it back allowing time for the Captain to come pelting over.

Henriatte Quadeloop cast fog to act as a cover for a thug racing towards another treasure chest on the bridge.

The war hounds went for each other (again).

This time my mangy mutt won.

A ferocious melee erupted on the other side of the board as Tipstaff’s minions tried two grab a treasure and I moved in in numbers as well.

IIRC, some 4 models died in this scrap !

My treasure hunter decked the Thief who tried to stop her getting the loot.

My Captain went down, leaving the Archer to valiantly fight off the Genie.

And the Treasure Hunter went down, fortunately within sight of my Apprentice Henriatte, who promptly used Telekenisis to retrieve the treasure from Tipstaff’s minions.

Tipstaff won – just !

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