Alone in the Crypt (again)

More than a month since I last posted, I have about 8 games stacked up to wade through photos which has been low on my to do list recently.

Here’s a quickie, the ever bright Alon in the Crypt starter for a Captain, which seeing as I have a game lined up tomorrow with a starting warband is an ideal way to ease me back in to things in the new year. (Warning unpainted miniature ahead !)

Usual set up – the scenario is in the magazine Spellcaster No.1

The Captain (Name yet to be assigned), built using the new female warriors plastics set from NorthStar which is an excellent set. MY only reservation is the larger backpack does make them look like Space marines ! Otherwise excellent and the sprue are much bigger then the earlier sets.

First enemy down, a slam dunk.

Ok having chewed her way through both starting armoured skeletons, two ordinary skeletons pounced on her. The dice gods were with me in combat but not in finding a way out.

More undead, and still no way out, at least the XP were racking up as I remained lucky with the combat rolls.

FrostWraith…this did not go so well, so the healing potion was used up as I still searched for an exit to the crypt, again XP racked up.

Arrrggghhhh, a ghoul and a second FrostWraith now, both dispatched, but still the exit remained elusive.

It was only on the sixth door I found the way out.

125XP later, my captain escaped.

So at least I have an experienced Captain to field tomorrow at Wykeham Towers which is full of woes (AAR to come).

This is also the first time I have used a Captain with a bow and an increased shooting stat so we shall see how this goes.

Using the female warriors kit I have roughly built an all female warband which will be a change. More photos to follow.

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