FG: Loot the Cart (II)

A game played over a month ago with Alan as part of the Thaw of the Lichee Lord campaign.

I painted up some cultists double quick.

We got stuck in straight away, Kenny & Craig proving to be as useless as ever !

The cultists I’d painted up[ died almost immediately – typical !

Craig had a pop at Alan’s wizard but failed to land a blow.

Mayhem erupted around the now unguarded cart as both war bands attempted to retrieve THEIR treasure.

Many casualties ensued – mostly on my side. 😦

But then a wandering Ghoul and a summoned Imp went out of control and started chewing up Alan’s troops. Oh dear, how I cried.

We had to roll for another wandering monster, and got a Snow leopard. Alan was chuffed as he had spent time painting one. Pity it turned up behind his war band and he shot it with an archer in one round so it did the square root of bugger all !!

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