FG 2018 08 31: The Battle on the River

The second game Alan and I played over a fortnight ago ! A freezer meltdown delayed me, but here we go !

KIY’s war band got ready.

Hashpot Dribbleweed’s war band were on the other side of the frozen river.

Now at this point, I will point out there was a difference of 20 levels between KIY and Hashpot. But even that doesn’t really explain the rapid casualty rate of Hashpot’s minions.

A conjured Imp, saw off the Warhound and closed in on Hashpot.

An Ice Spider turned up.

The bear saw off the ice spider, but not the Rangers, and the Minor Demon who mobbed the Treasure Hunter of Hashpot’s war band.

The Liche Lord’s minion emerged from the central boat !

Oops, Hashpot’s Apprentice is down !

My Captain and his Captain went head to head, and Dr Archer cynically offered a healing potion.

The Treasure Hunter went down as did the bear as they were mobbed.

Meanwhile, a lucky 20 (apparently I can roll them) took out the Liche Lord’s minion.

A few Planar tear’s later and the Imps, and Minor Demons were gone.

By the end, Hashpot escaped with three of his war band.

For once, a victory at Alan’s house.

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