AVBCW: 6th Anniversary Big Game (Part Two)

My general advance began, into the corn field where I slowed down.

And came under fire from the defenders (JP) lurking in the woods.

Major Strait Jacket’s (Alan) troops advanced more easily at first before they encountered the so called Police (Doug of em-4).

I was not sure how I was going to breach these defences !

General advance, Strait Jacket set his engineers to work clearing the unexploded bomb by the road side.

My HMG opened fire on the lurkers in the woods, and in an exchange of fire whittled them down and pushed them back, alas the HMG received as good as it dished out and was destroyed.

To make matters worse, reinforcements turned up for the defenders, like this field gun.

BUF and Police shoot it out.

Bomb disposed of, my armoured car nips forward, shoots and is shot at ending up “Jumpy”.

Major Strait Jacket is felled by an explosion targeting his HQ section.

His 2-i-C opens negotiations with the enemy shortly afterwards.

Whilst my armoured car is assaulted by a bomber, which immobilises it. the crew stunned to survive the attack, realise they’re in an armoured pill box and recover their nerves.

Unlike the defending lDV in the wood who are now caught in across fire by two of my sections, and continue a slow retreat.

They even have to call up some rusty old contraption of an armoured car to help them out. Good job I moved my Oikerlin Anti-Tank gun up !

Strait-jacket’s men whittle down the so called Police whilst negotiations continue.

The defenders must have been rattled, as another section of reinforcements was summoned.

The Communists beat the traffic jam and finally get through to the hall.

Three tables pushed together to make one big table.

Negotiations are completed over lunch, and the LDV accept BUF/Royalist help to protect them. In exchange for territorial integrity in the future.

Strait Jacket’s forces bring up their own vehicles to get to the scene of the fight, and promptly cause a traffic jam, meaning my troops have to let them pass as we are nominally meant to be slower. 😉

The Hockey girls get stuck in with the enemy.

My troops finally get going, top right, a bunch of Jolly Jack Tars notice the brewery is now undefended, and out of concern, decide to occupy the brewery and ensure that the contents don’t fall in to the hands of the advancing Anglicans (hic !).

At this point the flu had worn me down so I had to flee the scene leaving my remaining troops in Alan’s care.

A good day, and I sneaked in the occupation of the brewery as a farewell gift.

(Allegedly we were joined by some toffs in red later)

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