AVBCW: 6th Anniversary Big Game (Part Three)

This is for all the info I have on the other tables, so its a bit of a hotch potch.

Table 3, the Commies form a traffic jam, typical, getting in the way of other road users.

Whilst other desecrate the farmland trampling the crops, including their new hedge busting monstrosity that is busy looking for a hedge to dismember.

The urban proletariat clearly have no idea about the countryside they are so eager to liberate.

Meanwhile the Anglicans are also doing exactly the same clogging up the roads with their foul polluting vehicles trying to intimidate farmers going about their business. Bunch of wish washy liberals.

More traffic mayhem reported on Hereford BBC Radio.

The Anglicans brushed the skirmish line of the LDV aside.

But not before a report came in of a RTA involving a tractor and some geese.

Anglicans finally getting stuck in with the LDV defenders.

LDV defenders swarm around the lone Communist car having shot its occupants for talking strange.

Communists get bored of waiting in traffic jam and disembark, just as the BUF turn up.

The cricket pavilion goes up in flames. Storing all that alcohol and linseed oil was not a good idea.

The LDV newly emboldened with Royalist and BUF allies, counter attacks against the Reds.

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