AVBCW: 6th Anniversary Big Game (Part One)

Yes its been 6 years since Jon and I did our first Big Game. The Next generation chose a date that both of us could attend, only slightly damaged thanks to my bout of flu (Day 11 and still going).

The full details of the back ground can be found here.

Table 1 above, scene of the Anglican attack. The radio station was the key objective.

Table 2, scene of the Royalist/BUF attack. The brewery was the key objective.

The hall, everyone’s target.

Complete with formal garden, made by Too, allegedly for his daughter’s school project.

Table 3, with the cricket pavilion the key objective.

All four tables, ready to be crunched together should the attackers break through.

The Royalist & BUF forces of WyRD Force and Major Strait Jacket’s men get ready to attack.

The lDV deploy everywhere, including their newly placed mine fields, unexploded bombs and other defences !!

Table 1-more unexploded bombs left lying around, the LDV should dom some serious litter picking exercises to tidy up the countryside !

Traditional Herefordian car park, with lots of vehicles going no where fast.

Another Herefordian traffic jam in the making.

This post was delayed due to a council meeting, where we had the newly appointed county council leader, and he even managed to crack a joke about the state of the roads in Herefordshire: “I don’t drive on the left, I drive on what’s left”.

Communists do it off road.

LDV defenders with contraptions.

Due to me having flu, I mostly concentrated on my table, so see Part Two.

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