Thieves, Cultists & Treasure, sounds Familiar ?

More poor lighting, a couple,ncil meeting then topped off with a stomach bug, so here’s a catch up of stuff done late last week and this week.

Two C04 Thieves, one of which is my Tunnel Fighter for the new “into the Breeding Pits” campaign with Jon.

Each of the C04 thieves are unique and in way a regimented figure so take a lot more time to paint. You can see how much clutter they have on them. Still, very good figures to have.

Mordheim Chaos Cultist, another one that has been kicking around too long, complete with Hannibal Lecter face mask.

I said I wouldn’t get side tracked with treasure, but I was finishing these two items off.

Again, some treasure specific tokens – scrolls and grimoires.

Two more familiars. One I bought on evil-bat recently, and the other from way back when rebased and tarted up.

The “bird thing” familiar has multiple arms including a dagger hidden behind its back.

Yet more !

The mannequin will do as both familiar and small construct. It’s a Failcast version, the club is ever so slightly bent.

And then there is Cousin IT. (Addams Family)

Bought on evil-bay, rebased, not my paint job.

Nice item.

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