FrostFayre 2017 – Part One

Slightly delayed due to automotive woes.

This is about Table 1, where Alan, Clive and Gavin were playing. Clive had never played before and Gavin only in two previous games, so Alan was far and away the most experienced player.

As such, Alan swooped in on the nearest treasure, and promptly gained the attention of some wandering giant rats, who turned up behind Gavin’s Captain and side kicks.

Not content with that, Alan raced his Bear and archers round the flank of Clive’s war band. But got his comeuppance, when an Imp was also alerted the presence of interlopers.

Clive bravely/rashly (delete as appropriate) pushed all his forces in to the middle of the table in an effort to gain loot, and ended up in combat with Alan’s minions.

Clive throughout the game however was strangely immune to missile fire of both mundane and magical nature !

Clive’s Captain, Knight and dog got caught up in a swirling melee, with Alan’s bear moving in on the hapless remnants, whilst the archer snuck past them all to try and deal a blow to Clive’s thugs who had acquired some treasure.

the wandering Imp joined the fray only to be downed, and then there was a second fracas, in the round hut (left) between Clive’s Ranger and Alan’s warriors.

Having finally dispatched the giant rats, Gavin was back in the game, and summoned a wall, cutting Clive’s other ranger off, with a wall that was conjured (Xmas present for Alan from me).

Love was not in the air, but death certainly was, with Clive and Alan losing figures in the swirling melee.

By now, yours truly, was known as the Magical Undertaker, for only taking photos as models died ! 🙂

the Imp died, and then it was down to the Knight and a thug fighting it out.

Alan’s warrior slated another one of Clive’s minions and another loot was gained.

Gavin tried a last minute flanking move, with shots at Clive’s rapidly departing minions, but once again, Clive’s ability to dodge missile fire meant he was impervious.

Knight down !
Clive was by now in full retreat with three pieces of treasure.

Leaving behind the ranger, who dropped the loot, and charged into Gavin’s Apprentice. Meanwhile his second war hound had successfully held up an archer and thug for 3 rounds !

this forlorn last stand ended as Gavin moved his troops in and grabbed the loot and stayed both ranger and war hound.

This left the way clear for Aland and Gavin to square off with each other.

Which happened a lot quicker than Gavin had anticipated !

His Captain went down mounting a rearguard action as Gavin scrambled to get the two pieces of loot off the table.

But down went the Apprentice.

And then three minions went down as Alan’s minions closed in.

Even a stray hound was slain by Alan’s apprentice.

Before Gavin’s wizard was slain by Alan’s warrior.

And then the last of Gavin’s war band was shot down.

Only one treasure for Gavin, loads for Alan.

To be continued…

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