AVBCW Hereford 2017 11 04 4

..The Umpires decided that the alliance between the Anglicans and Communists would rupture.

So whilst the Commie cavalry raced towards the Anglican lines ostensibly to join up with them, and got machine gunned by me (lower left hand corner), their innocent biplane dived in for the kill.

It shot up GenialJIm’s troops, before…

…getting a taste of it’s own medicine, and then it crashed. As the rules don’t have…rules for crqashi9ng -lanes…we agreed a random direction roll…and it looked like it’d be heading my way…

Phew !
It crashed inches in front of my HMG.

Pity the Anglicans whilst in covert negotiations with my ally managed to shell both my HMG (killing two crew effectively rendering it useless), and my anti tank gun (one dead, still therefore in action).

I brought on my third section (also Sailors) to counter the TREACHEROUS DEVIANT CRAIG.

Whilst my ally Alan brought his troops up as the fragile alliance with the Anglicans he had brokered held.

Just very slowly, as he found driving vehicles off road.

AVBCW Hereford 2017 11 04 3

Clive moved an Anglican tank out in to the open to have a crack at Alan’s field gun.

Whilst Gavin moved more troops with support of yet more of Clive’s tanks.

King’s Acxre woods turn in to a battle ground as Craig’s Bee Keeper’s and my Marines start to slog it out at close quarters.

Craig’s HMG and command moved up in support.

With the flank refused, and now bolstered but heir treacherous ally, the Reds do a quick right turn (ha !) and stream towards the middle of the table to put pressure anatomy forces.

My HMG caught Rob’s cavalry mid-field, and shot a couple down.

GenialJim’s mad Doctor and his forces disembark into the field, including a mechanical Tin Man. (No sign of Dorothy)

Whilst the Bishop of Ludlow cowered behind a glass house in his tank.
No stones were thrown.


I decided to bring on my third section, more sailors and pitched them straight in to the woods to fight off Craig’s traitors.

And at this point, the Umpires had had a confab and decided….

AVBCW Hereford 2017 11 04 2

Red Cavalry advances towards Half Cut Farm.

And the Anglicans advance with their mighty armoured column down their road.

Hang on, aren’t these the cards I had last time ?

Questions are asked of the Umpire’s shuffling ability.

Which is then handed over to Alan for the rest of the day.

Talking of whom, Alan advanced his troops forward to counter the Anglican thrust across the open field, with both sides finding off road manoeuvres of vehicles is not really a good idea.

Which is why my A/C stayed on the road and allowed the sailors and heavy weapons to move more swiftly in support.

Macguffin’s tank advanced, only for the reds to send in a wrecking crew killing his two manservants.

With the tank wrecked…

Craig’s real commander revealed his true colours – a TOTAL TREASOUNOUS TRAITOR.

And yes, yours truely got attacked by the bees keepers with piles of bees sick.

AVBCW Hereford 2017 11 04 1

As all my AVBCW stuff is in storage, I had to build a new force from scratch (such hardship).

So I ended up with a new Foundry Armoured Car, two sections of Sailors (Warlord & Empress), and one section of Marines (Empress, generic British Infantry).

I represented HRH’s forces as WyRD Force 1 – Wyvern Regional Defence Force.

Complete with HMG and Oekerlon Anti Tank Gun.

Pre-game negotiations yielded an ally in Alan’s forces, including his field gun on a lorry.

And Craig’s LDV force of bee keepers, and Sir Alan Macguffin’s wind powered tank.

Arrayed against us was an unholy alliance of God Botherer’s (Anglicans) and Atheists (Commies). Five of them against us, so we decided to go on the defensive and refuse a flank.

Rob’s Commie horde, complete with Rolls Royce A/C. Seems no expense is spared when it comes to revolutionary warfare. Pity about the poor workers. 😉

GenialJIm’s flying column of Anglican nutters commanded by Professor Alzheimer. (IIRC)

Anglicans under the command of Clive & Gavin.

Tanks, lots of tanks. Some of them even with forward gears.

The table, from afar !

AVBCW Hereford 2017 11 04 0

On Saturday I attended my first AVBCW Big Game that I hadn’t organised !

Clive and Roo have taken up the reins from JP & I, and did the hard work on this one and the previous one in April i couldn’t attend.

Two tables were planned. I had to turn up anklet them in as I had the hall key, so I got roped in again !

Lugging around car falls of scenery is NOT something I miss.
Though I did help out with the Half Cut Farm !

Table 1.

Table 2.

Anyone for cricket ?

Unfortunately, due to some splitters (Judean People’s Front), we had to shuffle the two tables together so we had a mammoth 16×6′ table with 8 players.

Half Cut Farmhouse & AVBCW

A week of furious painting, so no updates, but much like busses, there’ll be a whole load of stuff posted shortly.

Reason ?

We had an AVBCW Big Game Saturday 4th, and I had to buy, assemble and paint an entire force from scratch as all my forces were in store – tragic eh ?

I also had a Ziterades Watermill/Farmhouse kicking around. So I did that up at the last moment.

Some form of foam based product, very nicely done in plain grey and red. A present from Rich a couple of years ago.

Done 10-11pm, so very much just restricted to highlighting and adding in some more colour.

But for a war-games session perfectly acceptable.

Called Half Cut Farm, due to the fact that not only was it late at night, but on a Friday after consuming some wine !

I stil have the water wheel and will consider that option with a base later when I have my own gaff again.

Also worth noting is the material used is very “thirsty”, so I had to keep refuelling my brush even though I was technically dry brushing anyway.

Final one, at the games session one of the other players, Rob, gave us a book:

Looks like a good read about WW2 “stay behinds”, which should give us an idea fro more AVBCW stuff.

So stand by some pictures of the AVBCW Big Game, in which I was double crossed, as were virtually all players, and in which Commanders died !

I had my reWenge.