FG: The Lair of the Ghoul King Part 2

More ghouls were popping up, as my Captain pulled levers, but at least Thaddeus’ foul scum were busy.

crunch ! Another door was revealed – this time behind my lines, so now my treasure carriers were able to head for home.

I dropped my second ghoul, right by the doorway behind Thaddeus’ monstrous hordes, but the ghoul did not last long, cut down by a treasure hunter.

In my previous games session with Jim, I lamented the lack of Wall spells, so I had to use one today, to prevent aranger cutting my treasure toting thief off from his escape route.

But even Elemental Hammer, did not stop a Ranger going down to the major demon.

My Captain tried to escape, only to be caught by two ghouls and a frost wraith. You can guess the outcome !

More walls than O’Reilly can build.

This covered my escape at the expense of a few meat shields, sorry, henchmen.

Jon returned my earlier favour and dropped a ghoul right in front of my escaping treasure carriers, the knight however did for him.

Creature Feature phase…and a Cat turned up !

Meanwhile, more ghouls were killing Thaddeus’ minions, which was all well and good, as both of us had now suffered 3 or 4 casualties apiece.

Surprisingly, we finished this scenario off in just over 2 hours !

The multiple ghouls popping up caused a lot of damage and mayhem.

We forgot the frost wight was incorporeal, so it should have given me more grief, but I also found I’d completely forgotten to field my treasure hunter – so at least that evens the score up !

Next up, we had enough time to play The Dark Cauldron scenario.

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