FG: The Pits of Null – 1

Back to the frozen city, with another scenario from the Frostgrave Folio – Sellsword section. This time the Pits of Null.

After last time’s kicking I was eager to get my reWenge on Doozlebat (Jim).

I used the magic circles instead of pits as I didn’t have enough to hand. With a golden one in the middle.

Doozlebat’s set up.

KIY’s set up.

For once winning initiative, I started off with an Imp being thrown in to the mix on Doozlebat’s front.

First Null man down.

The scenario ditches the normal XP rules entirely and has its own rules, which brings a very different spin on things.

5XP per Null man.

The first of many Null men killed by Doozlebat’s minions.

Having picked up a treasure, an Imp was alerted to our activities and turned up and promptly attacked Doozlebat who swiftly dispatched the annoyance.

But it kept him busy !

Meanwhile, a Nullman charged into combat with my war hound, before Klotilda my apprentice summoned a demon to help out, alas, my dice rolls were not good.

Unlike Doozlebat’s POSSESSED knight who trashed the Imp I had summoned.

But another treasure I picked up, spawned another random creature, again turning up behind enemy lines…

Jim’s cunning plan to cast Control Animal went awry when we found White Gorillas have a Will of 8 ! So it also went into combat with Doozlebat, again tying him up for another round.

This was unlucky !

To be cont’d…

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