Half Cut Farmhouse & AVBCW

A week of furious painting, so no updates, but much like busses, there’ll be a whole load of stuff posted shortly.

Reason ?

We had an AVBCW Big Game Saturday 4th, and I had to buy, assemble and paint an entire force from scratch as all my forces were in store – tragic eh ?

I also had a Ziterades Watermill/Farmhouse kicking around. So I did that up at the last moment.

Some form of foam based product, very nicely done in plain grey and red. A present from Rich a couple of years ago.

Done 10-11pm, so very much just restricted to highlighting and adding in some more colour.

But for a war-games session perfectly acceptable.

Called Half Cut Farm, due to the fact that not only was it late at night, but on a Friday after consuming some wine !

I stil have the water wheel and will consider that option with a base later when I have my own gaff again.

Also worth noting is the material used is very “thirsty”, so I had to keep refuelling my brush even though I was technically dry brushing anyway.

Final one, at the games session one of the other players, Rob, gave us a book:

Looks like a good read about WW2 “stay behinds”, which should give us an idea fro more AVBCW stuff.

So stand by some pictures of the AVBCW Big Game, in which I was double crossed, as were virtually all players, and in which Commanders died !

I had my reWenge.

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