FG: Snow Leopards

Two that have sat on my painting queue for too long.

Leopards by Foundry, I looked up the appearance of snow leopards.

FG: Field Research 2 (Part Two)

At this point in the game, I simply wanted to escape with as much loot as possible, KIY had got three lots of experience (within 10″, within 6″, and in combat), and had three treasure chests. And with a war band divided in two was in no shape to take on Miss Mazement and Hashpot Dribbleweed.

So with Mazement’s guys bearing down on me I through in an Imp, which I should have done at the beginning of the game and hadn’t. DOH !

And just to be sure Klotilda summoned a demon to act as a meat shield.

Just as well, because Mazement’s lackeys ran away, leaving the Imp with one target…my war band. DOH !

As a parting gift I conjured another Imp at Hashpot’s retreating minions.

Whilst KIY headed for the hills (or board edge !).

So basically I had got pretty much everything wrong.

My deployment was lousy, my tactics were not good, and my dice rolling sucked big time.

A complete reversal of fortunes from the mornings game. I only gained three treasures, and three levels of experience.

At least I lived and learned this one.


Here is Jon’s take on the day’s events.

FG: Field Research 2 (Part One)

Second game of the day with Alan and Jon. Second scenario from the Golem Hunt campaign.
This time, I was going to be careful not to kill the Golem !

Big Golem in the middle.

My deployment…which I got wrong…boxed myself in.

Alan’s war band deployed, this time it was Hashpot Dribbleweed.

My war hound got within 10″ of the Golem (10XP), and took a leak up the tree, only to bed cruelly shot by the puppy killers in Dribblepot’s war band ! First blood to Alan.

End of round one, and guess who was closest in LOS…yup KIY, but fortunately just an inch out of range of the Golem – GULP. What a mistake !

Dribble Pot and Miss Mazement started trading shots, with Alan putting down one of Miss Mazement’s lackeys.

The generous exchange of pleasantries was reciprocated, with one of Hashweed’s goes going down.

KIY did a quick sharp exit, and got in amongst his war band to ensure the Golem didn’t squish him.

Hashpot conjured a wall, cutting me off from the fourth treasure I’d targeted as MINE !
A golden oldies spell.

All the while Hashpot and Mazement exchanged blows and had a tug of war over a treasure chest. Just as well ‘cos my dice rolling was abysmal.

Mazement’s archers and my rangers exchanged fire, I got the better end of that exchange at least.

But just when I thought my luck had turned, a wandering monster turned up – a bear right behind me. With the Golem this cut my war band into two groups.

My Apothecary had been left behind as a meat shield, but was joined by Mazement’s war hound, who promptly got squished without the Golem even noticing, my Apothecary to everyone’s amazement actually won combat and pushed the Golem back before doing a runner.

To be cont’d.

FG: The Attack Site (2) – Part Two

Long range Elemental fireball, blasted another one of Alan’s archer’s out of action.

The imps were on a roll !

I’d also sent a treasure hunter to get some loot but he was wounded by Rinsesoap’s archers, so I added the demon as a meat shield.

I took a chance on the last unclaimed corpse that might contain the Golem papers, so sent the second demon Klotilda had summoned along with my Captain.

Sadly, my rash decision cost the Captain !

A bit of dog on dog action, my war hound defeated Rinsesoap’s puppy.

Another kill for another Imp !

Rinseoasp (Alan) and I were doing all we could to stop Miss Mazement(Jon) getting the treasure off the table, but no mater how many Imps’s I’d summoned, nor the bear managed to stop him/her.

My demon up on the walkway found the Golem papers, and KIY hightailed it after that.

Miss Mazement was already gone.

Rinsesoap was left commanding an empty field of play.

This was a lucrative game for KIY, 800+ gold crowns….and five levels of experience.

Next up, our second game, which didn’t go so well for KIY.

FG: The Attack Site (2) – Part One

Jon and I have played the first two scenarios of the “Hunt for the Golem” campaign before, but now Alan has got a copy and was raring to go…so we went round his plush man cave yesterday (Saturday) with different war bands to the previous campaign.

Alan had been busy producing some more scenery for us. He used some old WHFB Orcs as the corpses for us to investigate as Jon’s bespoke items were unavailable.

Half of my deployment (KIY).

the other half.

The little chaps trailing around behind KIY and Klotilda, are familiars from the old Citadel Chaos Range – I’ll explain later.

Alan’s wrband led by Rinsesoap, deployed in the corner nearest me.

First to investigate the first corpse, and first to find it was a Zombie. Doh !

And picking up some treasure, a wandering monster was triggered, who turned up slap bang in front of me.

Rinsesoap’s minions also found a zombie, so my temper was mollified somewhat !

My war band fanned out, with some thieves mobbing the first zombie and my Captain slicing up the wandering zombie.

Unlike in the Walking Dead, zombies are annoyingly difficult to put down in Frost grave.

meanwhile Jomn’s war band had been trying to flank me, but Miss Mazement’s minions, encountered yet another zombie, and just for laughs, I choked in two Imps to block their path. Little did I know that this combination was going to wreck a bloody toll on Miss Mazement’s minions.

Yet another wandering monster turned up, this time, behind Miss Mazement’s lines, and this Imp took out her war hound.

And there’s more !
Another wandering monster turned up as we picked up the treasure, and an Ice Spider turned up behind Rinsesoap, and similarly caused carnage.

One down.
Jone might have been throwing lots of 20’s on the day, but I managed to do the same for the wandering monsters (not for my own war band though !).

In the centre, Rinsesoap’s Captain picked up a treasure, only to be cruelly cut down with a well aimed arrow from one of my rangers. Leaving MY treasure out in the open. 😉

In return, one of my thieves was cut down similarly by Rinsesoap’s archers.

Ice spider does what ice spiders do, and pinches an infantryman to death.

Imps do what Imps do…a thug of Miss Mazement’s goes down.
So now Jon had lost two figures trying to flank me.

Imps do what Imps do…a Captain goes down.
So now that was three figures Jon had lost.

Imps aren’t meant to do that, so of course Alan was getting more worked up about these crafty little creatures in case I was going to throw a few more his way.
Would I do that ?

To be cont’d.