FG: The Stars are Wrong

Started going through the Sell Sword scenarios with Jim on Saturday, first one was the Stars are Wrong.

Six pillars set up.

Magical beams zap between them if people roll 1-4 on initiative.

We also chose a school of magic each that would not work:
– Enchantment
– Elementalism

So not elemental bolt for me, no magic weapons for Jim
No telekinesis for either of us.

But for the first turn that didn’t matter as Jim won initiative by a long way (which became familiar), and with a leap, his captain was on the treasure.

So I threw in my first Imp.

Above which was reciprocated.

KIY studiously avoided getting in between pillars.

Just as well, because in the second turn…we both rolled low and two magical spouts fired between pillars, one of them catching no less than 4 of Doozlebat’s war band.

Resulting in one death and two injured minions.

At this point I was feeling ok.

Even though the Imp had seen off my captain pushing him back and injuring my war hound.

Undettered, Doozlebat’s minions finished off the Imp I had summoned.

Picking up a treasure Dioozlebat’s minions triggered a Ghoul, which turned up behind me and promptly charged into combat with Klotilda my apprentice. Good job the demon she had summoned was on hand to help out (NOT).

Unfortunately, Doozlebat himself bone darted John Wayne my zombie, at which point things all started to go a bit pear shaped…

To be cont’d…

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