FG: The Stars are even Wronger !

Well as I commented in the last post things had started to go pear shaped. No problem, that often happens and all I had to do was fight back.

The demon was beaten off by the Ghoul, so Klotilda did the dirty work and defeated the Ghoul.

But what’s this ?

Having been injured, KIY himself got shot and zapped to the point of death !

Wizard down.

Now that cramped my style a hell of a lot.

And then the same happened to Klotilda my apprentice the next turn.

Followed by the marksman going down.

And then a treasure hunter carrying…treasure…

Followed by a thief.

Then the Apothecary as the second treasure hunter dealt with the latest Imp.

Who was then zapped after slaying the Imp…

…by Doozlebat who had Leapt to the top of the tower to collect some treasure.

At least Barry the Bear went down to one of my Treasure hunters !

So, I escaped with only TWO treasures.
– the war hound died
– a treasure hunter died
– the marksman was badly injured and will miss the next game
– Klotilda was badly injured and soaked up 75Gc to fix

…and so I made a net loss of 17 GC overall after medical bills and replacing the dead.

Not my best of days.

As Jim commented his strategic plan was to “roll high”…which he did with virtually every turn featuring him rolling at least one natural roll of 19.

I managed to increase only two levels, thanks to casting Absorb Knowledge, which seemed to be this nugget of wisdom: “Roll high”.
My dice rolling sucked big time.

Oh well, onwards and upwards to the next game.

3 Responses to FG: The Stars are even Wronger !

  1. Yikes! What to do against such genius tactics….
    I have a question about your terrain: the building to the left in the second pic. could you tell me if that is a warhammer building, and if so which edition? I have the plastic corners, windows and floor dividers that I picked up at a flea market, so I wanted to see how it was used…

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