FG: Field Research 2 (Part Two)

At this point in the game, I simply wanted to escape with as much loot as possible, KIY had got three lots of experience (within 10″, within 6″, and in combat), and had three treasure chests. And with a war band divided in two was in no shape to take on Miss Mazement and Hashpot Dribbleweed.

So with Mazement’s guys bearing down on me I through in an Imp, which I should have done at the beginning of the game and hadn’t. DOH !

And just to be sure Lkotilda summoned a demon to act as a meat shield.

Just as well, because Mazement’s lackeys ran away, leaving the Imp with one target…my war band. DOH !

As a parting gift I conjured another Imp at Hashpot’s retreating minions.

Whilst KIY headed for the hills (or board edge !).

So basically I had got pretty much everything wrong.

My deployment was lousy, my tactics were not good, and my dice rolling sucked big time.

A complete reversal of fortunes from the mornings game. I only gained three treasures, and three levels of experience.

At least I lived and learned this one.


Here is Jon’s take on the day’s events.

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