FG: Field Research 2 (Part One)

Second game of the day with Alan and Jon. Second scenario from the Golem Hunt campaign.
This time, I was going to be careful not to kill the Golem !

Big Golem in the middle.

My deployment…which I got wrong…boxed myself in.

Alan’s war band deployed, this time it was Hashpot Dribbleweed.

My war hound got within 10″ of the Golem (10XP), and took a leak up the tree, only to bed cruelly shot by the puppy killers in Dribblepot’s war band ! First blood to Alan.

End of round one, and guess who was closest in LOS…yup KIY, but fortunately just an inch out of range of the Golem – GULP. What a mistake !

Dribble Pot and Miss Mazement started trading shots, with Alan putting down one of Miss Mazement’s lackeys.

The generous exchange of pleasantries was reciprocated, with one of Hashweed’s goes going down.

KIY did a quick sharp exit, and got in amongst his war band to ensure the Golem didn’t squish him.

Hashpot conjured a wall, cutting me off from the fourth treasure I’d targeted as MINE !
A golden oldies spell.

All the while Hashpot and Mazement exchanged blows and had a tug of war over a treasure chest. Just as well ‘cos my dice rolling was abysmal.

Mazement’s archers and my rangers exchanged fire, I got the better end of that exchange at least.

But just when I thought my luck had turned, a wandering monster turned up – a bear right behind me. With the Golem this cut my war band into two groups.

My Apothecary had been left behind as a meat shield, but was joined by Mazement’s war hound, who promptly got squished without the Golem even noticing, my Apothecary to everyone’s amazement actually won combat and pushed the Golem back before doing a runner.

To be cont’d.

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