FG: The Attack Site (2) – Part Two

Long range Elemental fireball, blasted another one of Alan’s archer’s out of action.

The imps were on a roll !

I’d also sent a treasure hunter to get some loot but he was wounded by Rinsesoap’s archers, so I added the demon as a meat shield.

I took a chance on the last unclaimed corpse that might contain the Golem papers, so sent the second demon Klotilda had summoned along with my Captain.

Sadly, my rash decision cost the Captain !

A bit of dog on dog action, my war hound defeated Rinsesoap’s puppy.

Another kill for another Imp !

Rinseoasp (Alan) and I were doing all we could to stop Miss Mazement(Jon) getting the treasure off the table, but no mater how many Imps’s I’d summoned, nor the bear managed to stop him/her.

My demon up on the walkway found the Golem papers, and KIY hightailed it after that.

Miss Mazement was already gone.

Rinsesoap was left commanding an empty field of play.

This was a lucrative game for KIY, 800+ gold crowns….and five levels of experience.

Next up, our second game, which didn’t go so well for KIY.

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