This isn’t working

For the first time I’m having to give up on a scenery project, because it just isn’t worth the effort.

Another long OOP customised kit – I’ll spare their blushes.

More than 50 pieces to make a ruin that could fit on one of my CD bases.

This was the second attempt.

The pillars aren’t true, the basing blocks aren’t true, the arches don’t fit, and the whole edifice is about to fall apart and won’t stand storage nor transport.

And that’s before I put the dome sections on top, which will make it top heavy.

This is for the bin.

Sometimes its better to stop and just junk it as I have wasted to much time and effort on this item that is simply holding me back from finishing other projects.

I wonder how many other model makers have had top do the same thing ?

3 Responses to This isn’t working

  1. Luke says:

    That’s such a shame, but I can understand why you want to put it in the bin! Looks like a right pain!

  2. ruarigh says:

    I made that kit for my brother years ago and it went together very well. I wonder why yours wound up with so much wrong with it.

    • I think the pieces I had for the bottom layer were wrong, which meant the curve was all wrong, and I’m not convinced the arch pieces were right either.

      I couldn’t think of a way of providing a curve for the upper arch easily as the difference between the base and upper section was so great.

      The pillars were also wobbly wobbly despite using my usual glues to stick them together.

      Its now in the bin and some nice easy piece of scenery rapidly being painted up plus a few other items including some 15mm SF vehicles.

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