FG: The Wizard’s Mansion (Part Two)

Two of my Treasure Hunters had lepton it to the top of the tower after the treasure.

Whilst the rest of the war band moved in to supporting positions as the treasure from the upper levels was removed.

I’d summoned a demon again, as they are proving reliable and funnily enough a special candle and serious study had reduced the casting value. 😉

But a sneaky archer managed to get round my defences and shot KIY !!!

Whilst Jim’s Animal Companion trashed a thug.

Leaving Klotilda Ironface, and a Ranger to cover the retreat.

Jim had snaffled more treasure than me, and done a serious amount of injuries to my war band, which evened up the day, and illustrates who wins by the dice, loses by the dice.

the scenario worked out ok, might do a few tweaks for the future, but again it was a fun time, which is the important bit.

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