FG: The Wizard’s Mansion (Part One)

Well having made a bespoke piece of scenery that would dominate a games table, it had to have a special scenario written for it.

So I kept it KISS.

Set up the table as normal, with the mansion in the middle of the table, and with one or more walkways leading to it’s upper storeys.

Please 4 treasure chests in the mansion itself, one per level. Two more treasure chests are placed elsewhere on the board as normal.

Special Rules: treasure chests in the mansion get an extra 10XP for each level they are on, so on the first storey they are worth 60XP, second storey 70XP etc.

A bit of beast this piece of scenery !

Walkways added.

On the fifth storey, in the tower, a treasure chest worth 100XP.

And off we go !

Jim deployed his wizard opposite on a third storey.

His war band didn’t blink, even when I summoned an Imp to try and slow them down as they collected the first piece of treasure from outside the tower.

Whilst his wizard teleported into the tower to collect an item of treasure.

Whilst i collected my second piece of loot (the first being Reveal Secret, carried away by John zWaynbie…

Alas, my Captain was the first of my crew to go down. he really hasn’t had much luck compared to my Captains in my other war bands, and still remains 10XP short of his first level !

To be cont’d…

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