FG: Genie in the Lamp (Part Two)

Jim’s war band chased after mine, so I threw a Demon in the way to slow them down, and aid my timely escape.

Unfortunately, his helper, the Ranger went down too quickly.

To make matters worse, John Wayne my zombie went down to a couple of wandering monsters that turned up behind my lines. (Spiders standing in for Giant Rats)

And them my Marksman got critically by one of Jim’s archers !

Dog bites rat.

Rat bites dog. 😦

Telekenisis spell brings the treasure to the Apothecary’s feet.

Time to RUN AWAY !

Then the Captain went down.

More Imps summoned to slow down the pursuit – they only lasted a round, but a round is a round.

Last off was Klotilda, the Apprentice.

So, I got 5 treasure chests, but took a lot of casualties, probably too many as I shouldn’t have dallied. The Genie held Jim up long enough for me to escape.

We had another game, and that write up will follow shortly.

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