Magewrath Throne (Part One)

Amongst the detritus of the house move, I had the Magewrath throne, so I started putting it together.

I finished the throne.

I didn’t glue it together.

The throne is currently sold by GW in this configuration.

However the kit I bought was a good few years older.

AS you can see it had the throne on a large column of outsize SKULLZ !

The column is made of four pieces, none of which really have any connecting pieces to each others, and no there were no instructions. AS with other large GW scenery pieces, the castings are also not very good with no snug fit of pieces.

So I had to think of a way of putting them together.

The only guiding lugs of use were under the throne piece itself.

So I used the usual CD base to provide an anchor for this column.

There was a lot of swearing nonetheless, but I put it together.

But there is a lot of gaps to fill…

To be cont’d…

2 Responses to Magewrath Throne (Part One)

  1. Luke says:

    I think I prefer the old configuration to the new. It feels…grander…

  2. The SKULLZ column is just under 5″ tall to give it some scale, so yes it then makes it a much bigger piece of scenery.

    Lots of green stuffing ahead, but I have contentious Council meeting to chair tonight so whether I get it finished tonight is another matter !

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