Wizard’s Mansion

After a long time, I’ve finally finished a big piece of scenery – the Wizard’s mansion.

First mentioned a few months ago, a large scenery piece with a tower made of a pringles tube.

I made it some 15-16 years ago, and never got round to finishing it off..now I have.

basic foam board shell with plastic and metal window pieces from various Citadel Morhdeim and earlier sources.

Balsa wood added for the half timbered upper storeys.

Lower storeys had stone work added – the usual offcuts of thin card.

After painting, I added the dolls house floor, got a roll of it cheap for 70p, basically printed paper that i cut to shape.

I added some ballast/flock to the edge to mask the edge of the paper and blend it in with the weathering.

And another view.

The top of the tower that was a separate item made out of the bottom of a hot chocolate drinks pot.

The tower is the 5th storey, which is OBVIOUSLY where a treasure chest is going to be placed, and the walls though ruined are over 1/2 inch high…so no telekinesis spells will get the treasure out. 😉

2 Responses to Wizard’s Mansion

  1. Very, very nice mate. Good to finally finish it after fifteen years hehe

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