FG: The Living Museum II (Part One)

Probably the first game of Frostgrave I ever played with Jon, and its taken until now for me to have the scenery to revisit it. It was also fortunately a scenario that Jim had not played.

So escaping the coven of goat fanatics, I ventured forth with scenery to Jim’s gaff.

Jim was keen on the Numinous Occulum !
To begin with. 😉

The first outing for the Heroquest statues.

The Cult of the Yellow Sign prepare for combat.

For giggles, I started off summoning an Imp right in front of the enemy’s Apprentice, little Donny cackling evilly “Covefefe” got charged by Brangelina the Banshee, and didn’t last long.

A battle of wills developed in the centre, as the wizards both sued Telekenisis to move treasure chests towards their waiting minions, and we played a game of how to trigger the statues behind/int he midst of the enemy by timing our actual picking up of the treasure chests.

I sited my marksman in the Occulum, form where he had a good view of the main part of the battle.

I won the first round of initiative, and thereafter lost all but one other roll for initiative (quell surprise), which allowed my forces to get to the first row of statues first.

And also allowed the enemy archers to down one of my thugs (bottom right).

I got my own back, when my war hound had the ‘nada of one of the enemy fighters, only for one of the living statues to be animated and attack the hound.

On my right flank, a big fight started brewing. Ji had one chest, and I had one. the battle of telekinesis was happening in the middle, but there were a couple of chests awaiting collection.

My marksman took down the incoming bear (represented by the scorpion), but I had a living statue and Brangelina the Banshee to deal with, and more incoming enemy forces…

(To be cont’d)

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