Reviewing my collection I decided to ditch the very old skeletons I’d painted up some 25 years ago for WHFB as they were on square bases, with old style flock.

This meant I had to find some replacements. Some would come from the Cultist plastic frame, but I was all set to go get some of the Mantic steles when…having to clear out more stuff so I could get my car into my parents’ garage, I found some very old Citadel skeletons.

from the original plastic kits from the late 1980’s.

Came up a treat, so just need a few more, and then some armoured ones and I’m done.

I also found some piles of bones and skulls, that i quickly knocked up and put onto bases as objectives/event markers.

5 Responses to Skeletons

  1. Hobgoblin Orange says:

    By chance yesterday I’d dug out a cheap eBay job lot of 1991 skeleton sprues because one of my D&D players keeps resurrecting corpses to use as bait. Glued, painted, and washed 3 last night. I hope mine look as splendid as yours! x

  2. If they’re the same ones, then they paint up very easily. I simply used the Foundry Boneyard triad, with a GW Earthshade wash, nothing more, KISS !
    Much like my other wandering monsters I kept the the dead grass as most befitting. 🙂

  3. Hobgoblin Orange says:

    Ok the kiss was a bit over the top (got distracted replying with family at the same time – can’t multi/thinktask 😀) but

  4. Hobgoblin Orange says:

    It also seems my internet connection is dodgy too. Will investigate!

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