Red Herrings – Ulterior Motives scenery +1, -2

I bought the Ulterior Motives scenery on the Nickstarter, and got two sets which is just as well as you can end up requiring two pieces of each scenery type depending on what cards are drawn by the players.

Two statues – nice to have.
Two magic circles – nice to have and I haven’t got any others as yet. I have just about manage to dry brush the dark grey and black respectively to avoid over brushing the gold symbols.

These were done in a hurry for Saturday gone, in case we needed them – we did but they played little part ion the game.

Pits and trapdoors. Easily fabricated from scratch but they came with the set and are nice pieces easily painted up so iff you are short of time why not ?

Standing stones and sarcophagus.

I managed to get the runes right on one of the standing stones but failed on the sarcophagus.

Again nice times, can be replicated elsewhere but for the price on the Nickstarter, they were worth it.

The standing stone did get used in our game on Saturday YAY !

Both items are generic enough to be used in any number of different games as general scenery.

Finally, the +1 and -2:

A small piece of scenery that has been knocking around for a long time.

I think it is a piece from a Grenadier Red Dragon set.

Anyway, with a nice big red jewel it makes for a nice scenery piece and objective for Frostgrave/Mordheim.

The attentive Frostgrave fans will note the Zombie and Archway from the Ulterior Motives scenery set are missing.

they’re to follow as I have done some kit bashing with the first, and used the second as an excuse to paint more stuff !

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