FG: The Keep & Ulterior Motives (Part Two)

KIY was out in the open-end the Werewolf stalked towards him, straight on to the magical circle and *blink* was gone elsewhere…

…and re-appeared on the other side of the table right in front of Miss Mazing’s war band who were hunting it !

Seizing this opportunity KIY retreated behind cover, summoning a demon to block the narrow passageway in front of him whilst the Captain guarded the rear.

Meanwhile, the wounded thing dragged the treasure away supported by the archer, and the werewolf got mobbed by MissMazing’s minions who had followed the werewolf onto the magic circle with two of the three arriving in the same location.

The third hapless victim had been left on their own, resulting in being mobbed by Rinsesoap’s forces, and being brutally cut down.

Similarly the werewolf was cut down by the Captain of Miss Mazing’s band, who removed the head.

And KIY’s demon went down as well to Rinsesoap’s efforts.

Followed by the Barbarian being cut down by KIY’s Captain who moved up to replace the demon.

Dr Archer the Apothecary was the next to bite the dust in a vain bid to reach the treasure in the centre of the table. KIY decided it was time to get out with what loot the war band had.

Easier said than done, as Rinsesoap’s forces were hot on my heels.

But not before my Marksman put a bolt into Rinseopa’s apprentice !

But as people picked up the last treasure, creatures were brought forward…and mostly appeared behind my escape route.

To be cont’d…

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