FG: The Keep & Ulterior Motives (Part Three)

With KIY now wounded and a rapidly dwindling band of followers a full out withdrawal was underway.

By the time some combats had happened and some shooting,I’d lost the marksman, two archers and the last thug.

Rinsesoap (Alan) now invoked his secret Ulterior Motice, and the whole board was plunged into darkness restricting shooting to 12″.

Rinsesoap also headed for the standing stone.

And imps don’t last long in combat against Wizards.

But they do too better against skeletons.

Whilst Klotilda had got off the board, KIYlimping badly had been slower, and ended up with another skeleton popping up in front of him.

But he wasn’t the only one trying to get away, and in the case of Miss Mazing’s Captain falling to a well aimed shot by Rinsesoap’s archer.

KIY and his last minion fought off the skeleton, before making good their escape.

Leaving the Captain hacking apart a zombie summoned by Rinsesoap, who had fondled the standing stone and was last seen heading for safety with a glowing vial !

We called it a day there after a marathon session of about 3.5 hours playing one game.

After the game we reflected on the Ulterior Motives cards.

They had made a difference, distracting each of us at various points in time.

I also felt that we had not explored the terrain pieces, either because we were too busy, or we had not properly considered them as potential sources of loot, XP and the like. A case of learning to whistle and walk !

I suspect as we use the cards more, we will become more inquisitive having seen events happen before.

A good game though.

JP’s take on events is here, complete with shoddy journalism and poor photography. ;->

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