FG: The Keep & Ulterior Motives (Part One)

JP and I ent round to Alan & Rita’s for a three way session of Frostgrave, to be held in the man-cave – a dedicated games/model area built above their double garage.

After salvaging our jaws from the floor, we commenced to play The Keep scenario, but for the first time we were using the Ulterior Motives cards which none of us have used before.

So after a quick over view for Alan, we started.

Alan had been busy with pringles tubes and paint…

I set up next to the yellow building, which I thought was appropriate.

We set up the various red herrings and objectives according to our UM cards (mine was Secret, Jon’s was a werewolf related task, and Alan’s was secret).

Just for once, I won initiative, and summoned an imp on the first “magic roundabout” in the hope that the uncontrolled Imp would buzz off and cause havoc elsewhere.

No, of course not, I rolled an 18 and nothing happened.

So I had to send in a Thug to deal with the Imp (successful).

Alan’s Wizard, Rinsesoap with his Bear crept out of the corner and headed into the table using telekinesis to start moving one of the treasure chests to his lackeys.

Of course, I sent one of my minions onto the magic roundabout, popped up ready to grab the chest, only for the werewolf to activate in the creature phase and promptly engage in combat.

Simil`rly the “zombie” activated and came straight for me down the teps from the central tower, which for once was a good thing because it wasn’t a zombie, it was a rogue haemonoculus that I had to kill for 60XP.

Which I promptly did, kerrching !

Whilst another one of my minions went on the magic roundabout and ended up transported infant of JP’s gang lead by Miss Mazing.

After lasting a round of combat, my thug went down to the werewolf, whilst my war hound arrived in a bid to help out, followed by another thug and my Captain.

Thorwing cuation to the wind KIY himself stepped on the magic roundabout and was transported to the same disc in front of the werewolf, and in the same turn, Miss Mazing did the same with on of her thieves and ended up there too. By now, Rinsesoap’s war band were breathing down our necks, and shot my thug as he hastily raced to support KIY.

It was all getting crowded, and so to add to the merriment, my apprentice Klotilda added in an Imp to the mix.

On the other side of the table, my thief had nicked some treasure but was wounded by Miss Mazing archer, so hid in a building whilst one of my archers raced to support him, especially as a ward was set on him.

Guzzling a potion, the thief in front of KIY jumped into the central tower, location of unclaimed treasure, just as four of Miss Mazing’s lackeys rounded the corner of a building below her.

I was beginning to regret my impulsive decision to sue the magic roundabout, the war hound got bitten by the werewolf, but luckily the Captain turned up as a meat shield.

To be cont’d…

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