You will be Upgraded

I had bought the Frostgrave Constructs some time ago and they were the first items I painted in my new abode as they were nice and simple.

The small Construct didn’t appeal to me, because its small and in games terms relatively useless.

Bu this w/e my brain cell had an idea after watching the latest Dr Who episode – I don’t/haven’t been watching Dr Who regularly for a variety off reasons but this episode gave me food for thought.

A small critter covered in sack cloth – ring any bells ?


The Doctor: They target children because the donor brains are fresher, the bodies are smaller and less to…
Billy: Less to what ?
The Master: There’s less to throw away.


Seems appropriate to have an artificially constructed monster on the loose in the game.

Especially one who wanders round stabbing people and insisting they be “upgraded”. Cue lots of comedic opportunities.

Talking of which, Photobucket seem to be in the process of shooting themselves in the foot, so I may well “upgrade” and move to a new image host.

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