When I bought the Foundry Demons, I had expected some small little fellows as I commented. Pleasantly thwarted, by the average to large size of the figures that ended up being Demons, I trawled through various producers for 4-6 Imps to no avail.

I therefore asked on the Frostgrave discussion board on the Lead Adventure Forum, and got pointed to some Reaper Bones figures.

I had wanted to get a good number of Imps in one go rather than having to get one here, and another there, with all the attendant hassle and cost (P&P). So I ordered two sets of these three little devils.

As Reaper Bones figures they’re softish plastic, but once mounted on 25mm round hard plastic bases and properly varnished they should be ok.

Arrived promptly on Saturday, finished painting today as the car was in the garage for servicing.

Painted in bright colours, to match the demons.

Apart from this one, painted flesh coloured, with an orange wash, and a mop of 9dried grass) hair, which I have named Little Donny Groper, who harasses pussy cats everywhere with his ickle hands. 😉

And the Imps with wings and lots of mouth tentacles are definitely not related to this fellow – a 15mm Eldritcvh Statue from Copplestone Castings, who is Dead but Dreaming. Also painted up as it is a nice size for 28mm skirmish games – also done for Back of Beyond.

The Cult of the Yellow Sign

Finally finished off some inDUHvidual figures for my new Frostgrave Warband under the King In Yellow (KIY):

Klotilda Ironface, an old C01 Fighter, and a pre-slotta Chaos Warrior.

The Apprentice and Captain respectively. I have yet to name the Captain.

Lots of yellow, added to with Foundry Buff Leather for the cloak, and then a lot of bronze and gold ornamentation.

The yellow which seems to be going ok so far is Iyanden Darksun foundation paint from Citadel, with layers of Foundry Yellow on top, with a wash in between of a very old Citadel Yellow ink wash.

Should establish a strong theme for the Warband.

I knew I wanted an Apothecary for my cultist war band, and it came with the Marskman figure as well – one of my first purchases for Frostgrave as opposed to my resurrection of old stuff.

I’d only played two games with this war band, when I rolled a Magic Weapon on the treasure tables, and it was a Crossbow. Well that sorted the issue – I was having a Marksman even though I hadn’t planned to.

Last but not least…

Another C04 Thief painted up – should be useful as an assassin type for Frostgrave. I didn’t paint him to go with my cultists, as I want all my thieves to be “freelancers”. 😉

Two down, another 10+ to go !

Time waits for no one

A small piece of scenery completed whilst progress is made on some more figures, more poor light levels. Must dig out my lamp with day light bulb.

I was inspired by this photo in the Frostgrave Folio, to produce some more interesting terrain other than ruins and so on.

So I went and bought a couple of egg timers – the before and after shot as it were.

Painted with the textured masonry paint, then grey and brass with appropriate highlights.

I had thought about doing it white but decided against as the sand in the timer is white.

Painting was a bit difficult as I had to avoid getting it on the glass – yes I had tried to take it apart without success.

Next is the difficult task of varnishing without getting it on the glass !

Arcane Tables & Altars

Some more arcane scenery for Mordheim/Frostgrave, to give the interiors of the wrecked buildings some allure.

From Ristul’s Extraordinary Market (see also later for a UK supplier) some arcane tables and altars, I’msure I can work up some scenery rules so that Wizards gain casting powers or learn new stuff when in base to base contact with these items.

In the resin, a couple of the tables need assembling, and I used Renedra bases as usual. In fact this set pictured is probably the worst for flash, but even so it is very thin and easily removed, and the main pieces are very well cast.

I’ve got a couple more sets of these tables, so I’ll be painting them in even more lurid colours to jazz up the table.

I got my sets from The Dice Bag Lady, (Bad Squiddo Games), who is/are very reliable and prompt.

FG: Ulterior Motives review

The last Kickstarter was a small affair, a discounted set of Ulterior Motives card set with options on the accompanying scenery and the large rhino riding barbarian. There were also prizes to be won such as designing your own scenario for publication, designing your own figure etc.

My order arrived today, very promptly after the Kickstarter ended on Wednesday.

The card pack, larger than your average playing cards (pictured right).

40 cards to shuffle and pick for Ulterior Motives. Plus two more that are double sided and provide all the new rules/guidance on how to use the cards in the games.

Hmm, 42 cards eh ? 😉

The changes to the basic rules open up the board a lot more, so I anticipate these games will be longer in duration. This is especially true because the amount of treasure is reduced to 2 treasure tokens per warband (plus one in the dead centre).

Looking at the motives cards themselves, a lot of them mean you are having to fight your way across the board. There is no shirking here.

But to compensate for less loot, there is a lot more experience to be gained, and in some cases more loot. So you are taking greater risks for potentially greater rewards.

My feeling is, that Ulterior Motives is better suited to more experienced players and war bands, as they will need to be fairly robust to cross more than half of the board (into enemy territory) or further, and that if they don’t get much treasure casualties might be high and expensive.

The cards often dictate specific creatures, models and scenery. Unsurprisingly, the scenery that has been produced to accompany this release. As each player will be pulling a card, it is possible that multiple pieces of the same creature and scenery will be required.

In addition, some of the results will also mean you have a use for the original Frostgrave treasure tokens, even the rather parsimonious single ring on a base.

And here is said scenery – resin pieces except for the Zombie with the map attached to its back which is white metal.

A little bit of flash but pretty good castings.

Some or all of these can be scratch built, or acquired in other ranges, but for a one stop shop its a good pack of items that fit perfectly with the items required in the deck of cards.

The only minor disappointment was the gateway, which is one sides, good job I bought two sets, and yes they do match up like so.

(I have other gateways, like the Portal of Kittens)

A nice set and I’ll look forward to playing them.

My only other query is wondering if you can play the Ulterior Motives cards at the same time as playing some of the other scenarios – might get messy but an interesting thought.

A trio of Demons

Light has been against me again with downpours in the last two afternoons.

Here’s the last three demons I bought from Foundry:

The middle one is a greater demon, on a 32mm round base…it was a bit short in stature so I slipped in a 25mm flat round base underneath to make it appear taller.

Wings painted Foundry Granite to avoid the boring black/dark grey option.

The two ordinary demons have their teeth painted GW Mithril Silver – they’re demons so who said demon teeth are bone coloured ?

Now on the search form some Imps, smaller than these demons, but can only find one here, one there, most frustrating !