FG: The House of Longreach (Part Two)

So, Holbron was on his own facing the EVIL one – Thaddeus.

Well he knew he had to get out of there, but couldn’t resist the chance to injure his long time foe, so he picked up a snow ball, muttered some words, and casually tossed it at the feet of his foe before planning a get away back through the gate.


One grenade later….
…the smoking ruins of Thaddeus were seen lying on the floor !

This is only the second game where a Wizard has been put out of action.

Holbron decided he’d better not push his luck, went back through the gate…and ended up outside the secret room looking in, as did one of Thaddeus’ minions (an invisible thief).

Their wizard down, my Rangers mobbed an archer, and put him down as well.

Followed by my Captain (now nearly painted with his shield (!), to put the Blue Knight out of action on the other side of the table.

And then the Knight (also now nearly painted) dispatched the enemy Treasure Hunter.

Unfortunately, at that point 4 Cultists and a Zombie Troll turned up and headed toward the gate, two Cultists made it and headed off to the secret room via magic.

Seeing the archer die at the hands of the Frost Wraiths and Cultists, Holbron entered and exited the secret room sharpish (20XP !), only to again find himself right in front of danger…

So my now scattered war band started heading for safety.

One Ranger down, one Ranger outnumbered.

But rolling a 20 helps !

Thaddeus’ warband had by now lost four members. The summoned skeleton carrying the loot, had also been shot down by my archer.

My second Archer collected a third treasure chest, and accompanied by my Captain started to head off the board, only for the snivelling Apprentice to Thaddeus summoning an Imp their way.

At this point however, Jon threw in the towel – he had to go take his wife to work. However, in game terms I’d destroyed nearly half his war band, his barbarian had long since left the table with a single piece of treasure, and there was no way of getting at the remaining loot in the secret room with what forces he had left.

A good game.
I came away with three treasure chests, and had downed the enemy wizard (XP !!!!!). My only two casualties both survived.

Jon’ll update you on whether Thaddeus survived… 😉

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