FG: The House of Longreach (Part One)

Another trip to Price Towers, somewhat delayed by council accounts so we only had time for one game. The net scenario in the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign.

The main board set up, where most of the action takes place. 6 gates are scattered across the board, and they potentially lead to a secret room where more lucrative treasure is to be found.

Pity its guarded by Frost Wraiths !

Holbron’s set up.

Thaddeus’ (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) set up. No sign of a Captain – Jon’s not had much luck with that character as yet.

My war band picked up some treasure, and promptly a Ghoul arrived, right behind my lines.

So we used one of the two ghouls I’ve just painted.

As Jon commented, I could now legitimately say: “I flopped my ghoulie on to the table“.

When not being bone darted (despite a Drain Word) Holbron also fluffed up a spell taking damage, but ever eager to keep the ball rolling, stepped through one of the gates to see if he could get to the secret room. Previously, he’d sent an archer armed with an awesome magic dagger through, and who had promptly turned up at said secret room.

Only things went a little wrong.

Instead of arriving at the secret room, Holbron promptly turned up right between a bunch of Thaddeus’ minions and Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) himself, far from friendly faces.

On the other side of the board, my Knight and war hound pounced on an enemy treasure hunter, only for the wounded dog to do the most damage, before in turn being jumped by the Blue Knight from behind.

With predictable results. Things were not looking good.

Gideon the Apprentice hustled up with some Rangers and a Treasure Hunter to, get the extra treasure chest from under the noses of the EVIL one’s minions, and also to plonk a Wall between them and Holbron.

This just left Holbron face to face with Thaddeus – the skeleton the EVIL one had summoned was creaking away with some treasure.

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