Railing against reality

Renedra managed to sneak something out that i was interested in – Railings.

Here’s the contents of ono packet of railings, enough to make six doubles length pieces of railing (17cm).

JP had got some MDF railings and they were good for making a long linear obstacle that could be seen through but not moved through (easily).

Helpfully, they have also done some big Gates to add in to the mix.

I did a quick and dirty job of painting them up – my basic stone grey highlighted with Foundry Light Slate Grey, and a similar dry brush job of GW dark steels.

The gates are good, and I’ve left mine freely shining in the wind.

I bought two lots of everything, and so I’ll be taking the clippers to another set to make some smashed up railings to break up the pristine lengths of walling.

I think these will be really good to break up and disrupt movement across the board, without breaking up line of site.

I had considered brass railings, and maybe I’ll do that for the future.

These kits are ideal for pretty much all of the periods/genres I play so are well worth the money.

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